Email marketing masterclass in Sofia, Bulgaria

EMMC – Email Marketing Masterclass in Sofia, Bulgaria

InterContact is organizing an Michael Leander Email Marketing Masterclass in Sofia, Bulgaria. Taking place on February 25, 2010, the email marketing masterclass is expected to attract 300 marketers from all over Bulgaria. Kodak’s German Sacristan and a government representative will also be presenting.

Email Marketing Masterclass Sofia Bulgaria 2010

For the first time in Bulgaria, InterContact have taken the initiative to bring Michael Leander’s Email Marketing Masterclass to the country.  The 1 day email marketing masterclass aims at teaching marketers how to become successful permission based email marketers. Says Michael Leander:

“With recent changes in permission marketing legislation in Bulgaria, marketers are facing a complete new set of challenges. But luckily once marketers have acquired the skill-set to address the challenges of permission marketing, they can look forward to improved results, a positive impact on their brand, customer experience and results.”

At the event in Sofia, I will do my very best to deliver the information and insights marketers need to become more successful in the email marketing space.

Innovative email marketing masterclass format

Organizer InterContact have taken a whole new customer orientated approach in the planning of the email marketing masterclass.Says Managing Director Tsvetan Davidkov:

“having experienced Michael Leander present at Drayton Bird’s EADIM in Brussels in 2008, I was amazed about Michael’s ability to tailor-make presentations to his audience. As an expert in training and events, InterContact is adamant about delivering high quality experiences to our delegates.”

and operations manager Ivo Nikolov adds:

“yes, I agree. I saw Michael present at EADIM in London in 2009, and immediately saw the opportunity to work with Michael to ensure that we align the contents of the email marketing masterclass with the expectations of our audience. “

Concretely InterContact will survey all delegates expectations in order to provide Michael Leander with input on which content areas to prioritize. The email marketing masterclass takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 25 February 2010 and is expected to attract around 300 marketers from all over Bulgaria and neighboring countries.

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