Selling condoms in the Congo and more great TED talks for marketers

  • TED talks for marketers

If you are looking for great TED talks for marketers you have come to the right place. Below we’ve shared a few of the best TED talks for marketers. These videos are insightful and entertaining. Just like Markedu’s events.

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1. Selling condoms in the Congo

HIV is a serious problem in the DR Congo, and aid agencies have flooded the country with free and cheap condoms. But few people are using them. Why? “Reformed marketer” Amy Lockwood offers a surprising answer that upends a traditional model of philanthropy.

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2. How to make choosing easier – a lesson for marketers

Sheena Iyengar delivers a fascinating TED talk. One that all marketers can learn from.
We all want customized experiences and products — but when faced with too many options, shoppers become confused. With fascinating new research, Sheena Iyengar demonstrates how businesses can improve the experience of choosing.

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3. Behavioral economics – interesting and hilarious TED talk

Rory Sutherland is a very knowledgeable marketing professional with an interesting perspective on many things. In his much celebrated first appearance at TED he held the audience in stitches. And when they finished laughing, they likely realized that there is more to advertising and behavioral economics than what meets the eye.

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