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learning concepts for marketingDelivered by renowned marketing experts and speakers with real life experience, Markedu offers you a host of learning options designed to help you improve your marketing skills.

The marketing industry is changing rapidly. At Markedu we do our best to satisfy your needs for marketing education, inspiration and insights. Offering educational and inspirational live webinars, recorded marketing webinars and self-paced free online courses, pay-as-you-go marketing training, seminars, conferences, workshops and our new Digital Marketing Academy, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for marketing education.

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Here is a summary of what we currently offer:

Marketing web seminars (webinars)

Markedu’s innovative and highly popular approach to learning through online seminars (webinars) is gradually winning more and more marketing departments over. A highly cost-effective way of learning, Markedu’s webinars feature respected speakers and experts from all fields of marketing. And most of them are free for your to attend.

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Marketing seminars, masterclasses and workshops around the world

We regularly partner with conference and seminar organizers around the world to host learning programmes delivered by our Markedu Top Marketing Speakers. We have successfully organized marketing events in more than 15 countries and counting.

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Marketing education when and where you need it

With Markedu’s on demand marketing training solutions, you get valuable insight and information when and where you want it. Stripped from self-promotion these content pieces are perfect for learning on the fly. And always delivered by highly experienced practitioners.

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Markedu Digital Marketing Academy in selected countries

The Markedu Digital Marketing Academy (MDMA) is now being offered in a few select countries. The MDMA is a mix between class-room learning, virtual instructor led learning and self paced studies. It is taught by highly accomplished digital marketing practitioners from around the world. The MDMA will be rolling out to more countries in the years to come.

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Marketing speakers for workshops and consulting

Many of Markedu’s marketing speakers are available for speaking engagements, workshops and consulting engagements. Members can book any of these highly respected marketing experts through Markedu.

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Marketing education from Markedu if you:

  • Want fast paced learning from experienced speakers
  • Refresh your knowledge about specific areas of marketing
  • Learn about social media and marketing through social networks
  • Want to learn about the newest techniques and developments
  • Have an interest in improving the marketing ROI of your organization

Here’s what you get!

Great content delivered by experienced marketing speakers

We strive to produce great content and make sure that it is delivered by experienced expert speakers. Markedu evaluates speakers on their ability to deliver relevant and inspiring content.  After all, we want you to come back again and again.

A very economical and time effective learning format

Markedu offers a host of different topics delivered through webinars. A web seminar is a very easy, affordable and interactive way of receiving information, discussing with peers and interacting with the speakers. Many webinars are free, some are not. Attending webinars regularly is an effective way to further your marketing education.

Inspiration and a look to the future

Markedu seminars and marketing events are designed to inspire you and educate you. Our speakers and trainers are committed to offer content and case studies that is hard to find elsewhere. We do not believe in celebrity speakers or trainers who have no real hands-on experience themselves. Instead we research to find the best “under the radar” experts who are capable of sharing compelling content with you.

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