Markedu - Innovative Marketing Education is your one-stop-shop for all your marketing inspiration and educational needs. You can pick and chose between various types of marketing educational and inspirational programs ranging from web seminars to exclusive marketing events taking place around the world.

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* Marketing web seminars (webinars)
Markedu’s innovative and highly popular approach to learning through online seminars is gradually winning more and more marketing departments over. A highly cost-effective way of learning, Markedu’s webinars feature respected speakers and experts from all fields of marketing.

* Marketing speakers for workshops and consulting
Many of Markedu’s marketing speakers are available for workshops and consulting engagements. Members can book any of these highly respected marketing experts at discounted prices through Markedu.

* Marketing seminars and marketing conferences
Markedu and/or our speakers regularly partner up with local conference and seminar organizers in EMEA and Asis Pacific. Book your speaker through Markedu at favourable terms.

Marketing networking events in Europe
Members enjoy access to our monthly marketing events in Europe. Taking in places in cities such as Munich, Zürich, Vienna, London and Brussels, Markedu’s marketing networking events has proven to be a popular way for marketers to interact with their peers.

You want to consider Markedu if you …

* Want fast paced learning from experienced speakers
* Refresh your knowledge about specific areas of marketing
* Learn about social media and marketing through social networks
* Want to learn about the newest techniques and developments
* Have an interest in improving the marketing ROI of your organization

Here’s what you get !

1. Great content delivered by great marketing speakers
We strive to produce great content and make sure that it is delivered by experienced speakers whom are all experts in their subject matter. Markedu evaluates all speakers and only the best stay aboard.

2. A very economical format
Markedu offers a host of different topics delivered through webinars. A web seminar is a very easy, affordable and interactive way of receiving information, discussing with peers and interacting with the speakers.

3. Inspiration and a look to the future
Many Markedu seminars and marketing events offer you real inspiration. Some even offer you a compelling look into the future of marketing. We are committed to offer content that is hard to find elsewhere. We can do that because we have no geographic boundaries..

4. A network of peers
As Markedu evolves, we plan to bring a unique marketing networking component into the offering. This will allow you to not only network with your marketing peers, but also to ask questions and discuss one-on-one with people whom can inspire you…

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