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Incompany training delivered by accomplished trainers and speakers.  Markedu’s customized incompany training programs gets your team results quickly.

As an international institute training marketing, communication and advanced sales teams, Markedu’s expert trainers and speakers are masters at customizing and delivering incompany training programs for you and your team. Incompany training is delivered in your language of choice. And training can even be delivered virtually.

Markedu’s incompany training programs are always tailored to help your team achieve priority goals. The same goes for our public masterclasses and workshops. Most of these can be adapted to match the objectives of your training. Because Markedu trainers all are highly experienced practitioners and expert speakers, you can be sure that you and your team will be 100% satisfied.

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Incompany training examples

Markedu’s trainers have trained organizations in over 20 countries. These are just a few of the customized programs we have delivered in the past:

  • Get your email marketing and marketing automation on the right track – 2 days
  • Best of B2B Marketing for customer acquisition and retention – 2 days
  • Retail marketing – best practices in digital- and mobile marketing – 1 day
  • How to succeed with social media listening to improve customer satisfaction – 2 days
  • Better customer acquisition with digital and direct marketing – 2 days
  • Best loyalty and retention techniques for the modern B2B marketer – 1 day
  • INSPIRE marketing day – 0,5 day for bigger teams

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