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What is the Markedu score, speaker score and a bit about our pledge to quality in marketing training

Markedu’s pledge to quality

Our foremost task is to attract the best marketing speakers/trainers with the best content. We want to be known as a quality provider of marketing training and solutions that can educate, inspire and help marketers.

We aim to present to you speakers whom – aside from being top-experts in their domain – also are good-to-great presenters. We have heard countless boring presentations ourselves. So we prioritize speakers or trainer who can give the audience a bit of an experience while delivering great content.

We do realize that speaking online is a challenge. Therefore we actively work with our regular speakers so that they may improve their virtual speaking skills. Our speaker trainer is a top professional trainer with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

The Markedu Score

The Markedu score is a calculated score, which indicates the quality of an event based on the attendees evaluation. The score takes into account the speakers performance, the recommendability of the event and other factors such as number of attendees and the relevance score.

Maximum attainable score is 31. Translating the numbers you see posted in the past events listing, this guide may be helpful.

Score Translates to

[30-31]   Out of this world – outstanding performance and 100% of attendee will recommend the event
[26-29]   Awesome event – great speaker, highly recommendable
[24-25]   Great event – most attendees were highly satisfied and will recommend the event
[21-23]   Good event
[20]        Room for improvement
[19]        Below standard – this event needs improvement to be repeated

Speaker Score

After each event, speakers are evaluated based on the presentation skills, content and overall impression. These three numbers are added up and represents the speaker score.

The maximum score is 21. We are using a 7-point-scale. A speaker score less than 13,50 is considered below our standard – even if other event organizers consider that to be above average. Speakers whom do not fulfill our requirements, will be offered speaker training. If they decline, we will not invite that speaker back. Simple as that.

Ranking the speaker score

[20-21]   Out of this world speaker
[18-19]   Worldclass speaker – I want to listen to this one again sooon
[16-17]   Excellent speaker – I want more
[14-15]   Good speaker – I was happy with the speaker
[12-13]   This speaker needs training
[< 12]     Find another job

What about sponsored events?

We encourage our sponsors to hire professional speakers if they do not have experienced speakers in their employ. And we also encourage our sponsors to spend less time on the company presentation and self-promotion, and more time on providing useful knowledge to their audience. So far it has worked like a charm.

If you have any suggestions for great speakers/presenters, please do get in touch
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