Marketing speakers wanted

Marketing speakers wanted to present at Markedu web seminars in English, Portuguese, Danish, German, Spanish, French or Arabic.

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Professional marketing speakers wanted

Are you a professional marketing speaker or are you a marketing expert passionate about sharing your knowledge?

If you are, consider speaking at a Markedu webinar.  As a speaker you will be exposed to our international audience of corporate and entrepreneurial marketers.

If you are not a speaker, but would like to attend one of our free web seminars, go here

Marketing speakers wanted to cover  a range of marketing, branding and marketing strategy topics including these:

– B2C customer acquisition through social networks
– B2B customer acquisition through social networks
– Customer service through social media
– How to optimize landing pages
– Best of class CRM for B2C marketers
– Loyalty marketing (generic or industry specific)
– Return on Marketing Investment for beginners
– What is RFM and CLV and why does it matter?
– Email marketing for beginners (in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German)
– Advanced email marketing (all languages except English)
– Search engine optimization (all levels and languages)

the list is much longer because our attendees constantly request us to cover new marketing topics. Let us know which topic you think would be a good fit, complete the form below.

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What we expect of our webinar speakers

You must be a subject matter expert and you must be comfortable with public speaking. We do not require you to have prior experience speaking at web seminars. And you do not need 15 years of experience. But it is highly  important to that you are passionate about your topic.

Who is your audience?

The typical webinar attendee is a person working in marketing on the client side from many different industry verticals. The majority of attendees hold management positions and are responsible for making decisions about marketing, marketing technology and related areas.

So far Markedu has attracted attendees from more than 100 countries.  Our main languages are English, Portuguese, Danish and German, but we are currently seeking to accommodate our many Spanish, French and Arabic speakers with local language content.

These well known marketing speakers have presented a Markedu webinar

Direct marketing guru Drayton Bird has presented multiple times. So has Markedu top speakers Michael Leander and Olivier Riviere. Marketing experts such as Dave Chaffey (UK), Mikael Lemberg (DK),  Mirko Holzer (DE), Claire Diaz Ortiz (US) and many more.

What’s next and how to contact us

To get in touch with us please fill in the form below. You will receive more detailed information about how we work along with contact details to continue the dialogue.