Специален уебинар: Директен, имейл маркетинг и маркетинг в социалните медии – за специалисти от България

По време на този вдъхновяващ онлайн семинар ще се срещнете с двама завършени български специалисти по маркетинг, както и с международно признат експерт по маркетинг. Те ще Ви запознаят с вдъхновяващи и лесни за прилагане съвети за това как да подобрите своите дейности в областта на имейл маркетинга и маркетинга в социалните медии.

Email Marketing – aumente o ROI das suas acções de comunicação criando uma base de dados de emails de permissão

Assista a este seminário online para obter as informações sobre como criar uma base de dados de raíz recorrendo a poderosas técnicas de aquisição de marketing de permissão.

Email Marketing Day @Your Desk A Massive Success

The Email Marketing Day @Your Desk was a massive success with a recommendation rate of 99%

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Anders Frankel from Apsis says KISS is key to success

Interview with the CEO of Apsis Email marketing, survey and newsletter software company from Sweden. Hear what Anders Frankel has to say

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Marketing interview with Rui M. Nunes from Media Response Group

Markedu interviews country manager Rui M. Nunes from Media Response Group about his views on marketing today

Email Marketing Boot Camp for Beginners

Are you new to email marketing or do you have less than 2 years of practical experience? Then consider this fast paced email marketing boot camp for beginners and novices web seminar with Michael Leander.

How to get your email to the inbox for improved results

Deliverability is an important component in your email marketing activities. In this webinar you will learn how you can improve the number of emails that finds your audience’s inbox.

5 effective tips to improve your email marketing relevance and response – free email marketing webinar

Get the latest techniques to improve the relevance and response of your email marketing activities.
Email marketing expert Michael Leander will provide you with concrete advice to what you need to do to improve the efficiency of your commercial email marketing activities and email marketing newsletters.

19 things you can do to improve your email marketing results

Attend this webinar to improve your email marketing results quickly.

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