Power Up B2B marketing toolbox workshop slides og kommentarer

Slides og kommentarer fra Power Up B2B Marketing Workshop for IT & Teknologi virksomheder i Gentofte

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The Evolution Of Search In Six Minutes by Google

Google released a short video about the history of the evolution of search. A worthwhile video of how things have changed over the years and a taste of what’s coming next.

Drayton Bird – one of the few living legends of direct marketing turns 75

Michael Leander wishes Drayton Bird happy 75th birthday and writes a bit about the this copywriting and direct marketing (living) legend.

Markedu’s first Power Up Digital Marketing event in Bucharest a success

Markedu’s Power Up Your Direct & Digital Marketing Workshop in Bucharest was a success. Read why and see video

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LinkedIn Surpasses 100 Million Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn was launched 2003 and reached 50 million users in six years, but it only took a year and a half for the business social network to double that number. LinkedIn achieved 85 million members in 2010 and has now surpassed 100 Million Users.

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Introduction to Markedu web seminars

In this video Markedu’s founder introduce Markedu’s free marketing webinars. He also explains what you can expect in the future

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Webcast: Manal Assad at the Social Media Marketing Day @Your Desk

Manal Assaad – also known as The Manalyst – was one of 21 speakers at the Social Media Marketing Day. She spoke about personal branding, and here is the free recording of her presentation.

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Secret Video: Carla Rosa moderating a Markedu web seminar

If you ever attended one of Markedu’s webinars in English or Portuguese, you may have wondered what moderator Carla Rosa looks like when she is moderating webinars. Now you can see it for yourself in this secret video.

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100% Recommendation for the Social Media Marketing Masterclass in Lisbon

The Social Media Masterclass was presented by Michael Leander in Lisbon with a successful outcome. Organized by Markedu this first social media masterclass in Portugal was kindly supported by multichannel marketing software vendor e-Goi.

Just how massive is Google? See the amazing numbers

Do you know Googles numbers? See these amazing numbers about the biggest internet success so far.

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