Google Plus changes the search game dramatically – time to pay attention

With Google Plus search is changing dramatically. Google are clearly putting Google Plus front and center and favoring content from Google own platforms over the likes of Twitter, Facebook and others. Read this brief introduction and see Rand Fishkin’s brilliant explanation below. 

If you are not yet familiar with Google Plus, we recommend you have a look here

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Google’s determination to succeed with Google Plus has seen the search engine giant implement some major changes to search. This effects not only how search results are displayed, but also how content from users on Google Plus take display priority.

It would seem that with this bold move, marketers really need to find out how to get a compelling presence on Google Plus. And on YouTube – another giant searchable platform controlled by Google.

While you may not like using Google Plus at this point in time and you may find that Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin better suits your purpose, I think you need to put your personal preferences aside and have a serious look at the implications IF (or when) Google Plus reach the same point of domination as we see Facebook enjoy at the moment.

In the video below, SEO expert Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz explains in 15 minutes why these changes are significant, and why every marketer on the Planet need to pay attention to what is going on. Highly recommended to watch this video from start to finish.

Rand Fishkin explains expertly why you need to take Google Plus seriously, and how G+ may change the game of SEO. This is serious stuff and paying attention is highly recommended as this might effect your placement in the Google search engine dramatically.

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