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At Markedu you can pick and chose between various types of marketing educational and inspirational programs ranging from web seminars to exclusive marketing events taking place around the world.

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Web Seminars // Web Seminaren // Web Seminarer // Seminários Online
Markedu’s innovative and highly popular approach to learning through online seminars is gradually winning more and more marketing departments over.

A highly cost-effective way of learning, Markedu’s webinars feature respected speakers and experts from all fields of marketing. Check the schedule here (all languages overview)

Seminars // Masterclasses // Workshops // taking place around the world
Apart from organizing webinars related to marketing and branding, Markedu is also the creator of the seminar, masterclass and workshop concepts. See the upcoming event list here

Marketing networking events in Europe
Members enjoy access to our monthly marketing events in Europe. Taking in places in cities such as Munich, Zürich, Vienna, London and Brussels, Markedu’s marketing networking events has proven to be a popular way for marketers to interact with their peers.

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