The Digital Marketing Seminar with Michael Leander will come to Egypt for a second time from 19-21 February 2010. Taking place at the Conrad Hotel, the digital marketing seminar has been expanded to include Michael Leander’s 1 day Email Marketing Masterclass.

Following the successful internet marketing seminar in Cairo in December 2009, Global Consultants are bringing Michael Leander back to Cairo on 19-21 February 2010. Taking place at the Conrad Hotel, The Digital Marketing Seminar has been expanded to include in-depth knowledge breakout sessions and an additional day of training where Michael Leander will introduce his Email Marketing Masterclass for the first time in Egypt.

Bigger and better digital marketing seminar
Mrs. Soha Radwan, CEO of seminar organizer Global Consultants, says: “A whopping 98% of the delegates at the first seminar said they would recommend it to others. Based on the feedback we have received from past delegates and a survey conducted amongst interested parties in Egpt, we have worked closely with Michael Leander to improve the event. New are the break-out sessions featuring subject matter experts in areas such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), mobile marketing and social media marketing, which we believe will add lots of value to the Digital Marketing Seminar”.  And she continues “We have implemented a number of changes, which we believe will make for a bigger and better digital marketing seminar – all based on the feedback received from the people we are doing this for”.

The Email Marketing Masterclass – from Singapore to Slovenia and now in Egypt
Apart from adding break-out sessions, the seminar will offer – for the first time ever – Michael Leander’s Email Marketing Masterclass on February 21, 2010.
Michael Leander has taught his Email Marketing Masterclass in many countries – from Singapore to Slovenia.

Says Michael Leander  “I am delighted to bring my Email Marketing Masterclass to Egypt. And I am convinced that delegates wishing to attend the Email Marketing Masterclass will find it highly rewarding. Email marketing is a highly effective media-channel if used properly. The problem is that most marketers do not know how to use email marketing properly. Delegates attending will get valuable insights which will help them understand how to leverage the power of this important communication channel. ”

Michael adds that he hopes that bringing this topic to Egypt may stir up a few good conversations about the permission aspect of email marketing. A proponent of the necessity of acquiring an active consent from consumers or business buyers for any digital channel, Michael Leander makes it no secret that he would like to see the Egyptian government addressing the spam-issues that inevitable comes along with a larger commercial focus on email marketing.

He explains “when there is no legislation in place, marketers tend to take the easy way. At the email marketing seminar, I am going to explain the difference between an email marketing program strictly based on permission and one that is not. I think delegates will be surprised about a few things I have to share with them.”

More information and registration
The Digital Marketing Seminar website and registration form will be updated soon and can be found here.