One of the speakers at the internet marketing seminar in Cairo – Michael Leander – makes a point of testing what he teaches. As part of the preliminary launch of the marketing for the internet marketing seminar in Cairo, he decided to test a campaign targeting Egyptian Facebook users.

At the internet marketing seminar in Cairo 16-17 December 2009 Michael Leander will reveal the results, give full insight into how the campaign came about and will also reveal information about a follow-up campaign (which at time of writing has not yet been launched).

Says Michael Leander “having spoken at conferences all over the world, I must have seen several hundred speakers in action. What strikes me is that often they seem to be relaying information that they only understand superficially. I want my audience to be able to get information from a first hand source – me. So I need to practice what I preach. And I see the time and money I personally spend on these experiments as a valuable investment. I believe it makes me a better trainer and – above all  – much more trusthworthy.”

If you want a quick taste of the campaign results, you can find a partial case study on Michael Leander’s blog – Meemoo2 Marketer.