At The Internet Marketing Seminar recently held at the Fairmont Towers Heliopolis Hotel in Cairo, Egypt, Michael Leander provided insights to a wide range of topics relating to digital/online marketing. This successful even will be repeated in Cairo in February 2010

Nearly 80 marketing professionals from respected companies such as Elsewedy Cables, Cadbury, Google, Vodafone, Egyptian Banking Institute, Credit Agricole, Smart Management, Glextel Egypt and Noun Travel attended part of the 2 day internet marketing event in Cairo. The event featured opening addresses by assistant minister of Investment Dr. Ashmawy, country manager for Citibank Mr. Ahmed Aftab and a surprise visit from mobile marketing expert Mr. Con O’Donnell.

After the opening addresses, internet marketing expert Michael Leander presented 1,5 day of internet marketing topics including

- 7 things you need to know to become a successful online marketer
- How to build or revamp your website
- How to drive traffic to your website
- How to get started with email marketing
- Leveraging social media and social networks for your business

45 out of 46 surveyed recommend The Internet Marketing Seminar
Based on the delegate feedback, the seminar was a success. When asked 98% of the attendees said they would recommend the seminar to others. Or to be more precise: 45 out of 46 delegates – who submitted the evaluation form – said they would recommend the internet marketing seminar.

Says Soha Radwan, CEO of co-organizer Global Consultants: “Being the first time Michael Leander presented in Egypt, we were very pleased with the quality of the whole event. My impression is that Michael Leander’s unique presentation style was very well received by our audience of CEO’s, marketing directors, marketing managers, brand managers and other marketing executives representing large and SMB companies from a wide range of industries in Egypt. We at Global Consultants are looking forward to present this event to more Egyptian marketers over the coming period of time”

Michael Leander on stage

Michael Leander on stage

Michael Leander comments; “With delegates representing nearly all types of experiences – from the novice person looking to get to know how to get started creating a compelling internet presence to the highly experienced internet marketers  attending- I am of course very happy that 98% of the delegates found the event to be of such a quality that they will recommend it to their peers.
Being my first time speaking in Cairo, I honestly did not know what to expect. I always plan for the worst. But I have to tell you; I was very, very pleased with the audience and their level of participation and interaction. And I was quite happy to see that so many companies asked me to review and critique their websites in public. I find that this interactive excercise is very valuable to everyone attending – myself included.

Seeing that this event will repeat in February 2010, we are currently reviewing the constructive feedback received from the delegates. I feel confident that the next event will be even better and with the knowledge I have acquired about the Egyptian market, I think I should be able to link more of the content to the local market making the contents even more relevant for Egyptian marketers”.

The Internet Marketing Seminar will come to Cairo again in February 2010. Global Consultants are also planning to bring the event to Damascus, Beirut and some of the Gulf states in first half of 2010. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming event dates by joining the Facebook Group here.

Feedback on Internet Marketing Seminar Facebook group

Hoda Fahmy of Smash Management with Samah Chouman seated

Hoda Fahmy of Smash Management with Samah Chouman seated

Even before the completion of the 2 day event, delegates posted their comments on the Facebook group. Others have provided testimonials to endorse the event. Below a few comments received from delegates.

Mr. Abdulrahman Fakhry Abou-Elala from Invensys Process Systems - who only attended the morning session -  said “thanks guys, it was a fantastic morning.

Other delegate comments included:

Senior brand manager Mr. Bassem Abdul Ghani from Cadbury Egypt said; “It is the second day in the seminar and I am very happy I attended thanks a million Michael...”

Marketing specialist Shereen Essam of Glextel Egypt said: “Really thank you so much Michael Leander for your great session which we enjoyed and will not forget forever. Hopefully we can keep in contact with you and share with you our experience and what we will apply in our work after your seminar..which really changed a lot of things in my mind…”

Managing director Amr Ibrahim of inbound travel agent Noun Travel said: “I do THANK YOU so much for your great efforts today & yesterday. I’ve learnt really alot from you. It was my pleasure attending the Seminar & meeting with you.”

Meram Mohamed said: “Thank you for the new ideas and examples you demonstrated from different industries. I really enjoyed the seminar”

Mostafa Sadek of tayaIT wrote in an email to Michael Leander “Kindly note that I was impressed with the Seminar on Day 1 and Day2. I enjoyed listening to you and the other guests, Dr. Ibrahim; Mr. Aftab and Mr. Con O’Donnell. It’s an honor to listen to you as I just want to mention that you are Godfather in Internet Marketing as I heard and confirmed when I listened to your presentation. The best thing about the seminar to me was the refreshment to Internet marketing as well that what you said during the presentation ensured that my team and I are moving ahead in the right direction to launch our project.”