Poland Email Marketing Report

Many still in doubt – who is to blame?

This study reveals that 13,6% of Polish marketers are not sure about the legislation relating to email marketing.

In fact more than 5% of Polish marketers are under the impression that the legislation is either nonexistent or does not apply to their business. And only 23,9% of Polish marketers are highly confident that their email marketing activities are in compliance with the legislation in Poland.

This report was written by Michael Leander leading permission marketing expert based on a survey that had more than 420 respondents from Poland.

This study compares statistical data from Poland with data from FEDMA's report.

The survey was conducted by Markedu in association with SMB and SARE.

Poland Email Marketing Report

For email marketing to stand a chance in the longer term, it is awfully important that marketers fully understand the rules of the game. It is important for several reasons.

Firstly - to be in compliance with legislation. But secondly it is an important component in positioning your company to maximize results with the email marketing media.

Survey and Markedu's Email Marketing Masterclass in Warsaw

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