Meet selected Markedu top speakers here. Some of them you can book for your event, internal training or workshop or as a moderator/facilitator for your conference or seminar

DRAYTON BIRD  (can be booked via Markedu)

Drayton Bird Direct marketing guru Drayton Bird is the author of bestseller Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing. He has spoken in front of audiences in more than 50 countries speaking about direct marketing related topics. Wherever he goes audiences show great appreciation for the knowledge he transfers.

Fee Range: €6.000 – €15.000

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MAHER MEZHER  (can be booked via Markedu)

Maher MezherA top marketing trainer and speaker, Maher Mezher’s innovations in marketing has been featured in more than 160 TV stations world wide including CNN. Using his expert knowledge in marketing innovation, he is a highly entertaining professional. Mr. Mezher can present in English, French and Arabic – and he sings opera too.

Fee Range: €3.000 – €7.000

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MICHAEL LEANDER  (can be booked via Markedu)

Michael LeanderA Markedu top speaker, Michael Leander is also a popular marketing speaker on topics relating to direct marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, marketing automation and Return on Marketing Investment. He has presented in front of thousands in more than 25 countries.

Fee Range: €5.000 – €15.000

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RICARDO dos SANTOS MIQUELINO  (can be booked via Markedu)

Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino is an inspiring marketing communication trainer and speaker who gathered a wealth of experience working for agencies like McCann-Erickson, OMD, Initiative and MediaVest as well as The Coca-Cola Company. He has delivered fresh marketing communication solutions, which has been launched in more than 60 countries worldwide and he especially enjoys challenging the status quo.

Fee Range: €3.000 – €15.000

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Dr. OLIVIER RIVIERE  (can be booked via Markedu)

Dr. Olivier Riviere is an expert of building game changing B2B Go to Market programs for innovative companies. His focus spans Marketing, Communications, and Sales. With over 25 years working for international companies, he has used the concepts of business ecosystem, influencers, and advocates to design and implement strategic programs at companies such as Dassault Systems, Intel and IBM, but also with start-ups and SMBs.

Fee Range: € 3.500 – € 6.000

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FILIPE CARRERA  (can be booked via Markedu)

Filipe Carrera is an international trainer and speaker that deliver great content to his audience across the world, creating a cross-cultural learning experience. His work in almost 50 countries in 4 continents contributes to bring global vision to issues like Social Networking, Social Learning and Digital Marketing. In 2008 he was awarded by JCI Most Outstanding Trainer in Europe and “Most Outstanding Trainer in the World.

Fee Range: € 3.000 – € 5.000

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