Free web-seminar: First Impressions Last

On the “First Impressions Last” web seminar you’ll learn the secret that top sales people already know … most sales are made in the first and last 38 seconds of any interaction.

Webinar: Effective Partnerships with Bloggers

In this 90-minute long free webinar award winning bloggers Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott will share ideas on how to work effectively with bloggers.

B2B-marketing med LinkedIn

Bliv inspireret og få konkrete råd og tips, i dette gratis 1-times webinar, afholdt af Morten Baggesen fra DigiSalg.

International Direct Marketing Day showcasing the best direct & digital campaigns

The International Direct Marketing Day is a full day web seminar featuring some of the best direct & digital marketing campaigns from Europe and the Middle East.

Webinar: Search Marketing – get more traffic from Google

Presented by one of Europe’s most experienced search engine optimization experts, this web seminar will teach you a proven methodology behind a business driven search marketing strategy.

Webinar: Convert more virtual traffic into real money

Most websites are like leaky buckets. Money, in the form of prospective customers, goes in one end…and straight out the other. To increase your online sales, you have to turn more of those visitors into customers.

5 effective tips to improve your email marketing relevance and response – free email marketing webinar

Get the latest techniques to improve the relevance and response of your email marketing activities.
Email marketing expert Michael Leander will provide you with concrete advice to what you need to do to improve the efficiency of your commercial email marketing activities and email marketing newsletters.

Multichannel for ecommerce businesses: How to do catalogs for Online-Shops in Germany does it, just started: catalogs are a way for ecommerce companies to use an additional channel addressing their customers. In addition it helps pushing the customers to buy a second and third time.

Web seminar om loyalitets markedsføring: Ville du i alle tilfælde være loyal over for din egen virksomhed?

På dette inspirerende webinar, vil du høre hvad der skal til for at vinde, fastholde, udvikle og tilbageerobre kunder – for der skal meget mere til end de fleste tror!

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3 leadership qualities that will help you have more effective working relationships and keep more clients

International leadership consultant Denis Goodchild will share the fundamental qualities in building strong relationships with people.

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