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Storytelling to storyselling – How Marketing Through Stories Can Engage & Captivate Audiences

All our life we’ve been told stories: as children in school, through books, movies, even in television and radio commercials. As humans we are hardwired for stories – we’re conditioned to respond to them. So, as professional marketers, how can we build stories into our messaging to engage a commercial result? How can we develop a story-based culture? What kind of stories work best? In this session you will learn:

  • Why storytelling is a useful business tool
  • The impact social media brings to storytelling
  • How to build memorable storylines
  • Some storytelling examples

Keynote Speaker: Sarah Goodall, Head of Social Media (EMEA) at SAP, Norway

Sarah Goodall was one of the presenters at the Social Media Marketing Day @Your Desk. Organized by Markedu. Other great events here