Most email marketers do not capture subscribers preferences. Do you?

  • Most email marketers do not capture subscribers preferences. Do you?

Capture subscribers preferences will help improve key email marketing metrics and help you achieve a longer subscriber lifetime

As you can see in the graph below, only 12% asked about their customers’ preferred frequency for direct mail and only 29% claim to be asking about their customers’ preferred type of content.

33% claimed to collect information about the preferred medium for message delivery and 33% claimed to “still” be collection email format preference (that’s’ the difference between text and HTML emails).

Email Marketing Capture Subscribers Preferences

Ok, granted – this survey is based on only 93 responses from direct and database marketing professionals. So the critical eye would quickly reject this survey as being pure non-sense and utterly useless. But pause for a moment here and stay with me

Capture preferences – when will you get started?

I for one do not believe the numbers in the survey referenced are representative of what is going on in the real world. In fact, I boldly claim that the numbers of marketers whom actually collect preference data are much lower.

So what I am saying is that most email marketers do not collect much relevant information at all.In fact, a majority only bother to collect the email address of a new email newsletter subscriber. And while understandable – because of conversion ratio concerns and much more –  it is quite sad.

Because if you do not know anything about your target audience, it is very difficult to be relevant, if not impossible.

So if you haven’t started your venture to get to know your email marketing recipients better, now is a good time to get started.

Collecting relevant information about your subscribers at the point of registration – and as an ongoing process with existing email subscribers – should be mandatory for all marketers. When you capture preferences, you add a lot of value to the subscriber, but certainly also to your own email marketing communication.

Your attitude needs to change from sender control to recipient control.

In the Email Marketing Masterclasses and Workshops, I present, I often mention two important words – namely “Sender control” and “Recipient control”. If you are like most email marketers, you are currently in the sender control mode. That means you are the king of what you decide to send to your email subscribers, when and how often.

You need to change that attitude. Move to recipient control. Allow your email newsletter subscribers to decide what they want, and then deliver it to them as best as you can.

Sure this requires a bit more work when compared to how easy it is to the send-and-forget approach that is mass email marketing. But it is worth it, almost guaranteed.

This is not Rocket Science. It is pure common sense. And common sense is more than a direct marketing book. Applying common sense to direct and interactive marketing is more often than not highly effective.

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