Top 10 Multi-Channel Marketing pairs for marketing

  • Multi-Channel Marketing is very effective and proves great ROMI - Return on Marketing Investment. Check out these numbers.

What I find interesting is that combinations of media channels are effective. Very effective.  But – in my experience – seldom used.

Top 10 Multichannel Marketing Pairs for marketers

As you can see 62% said they use direct mail and email in combination, while 46% said they use email and print advertising and only 23% said they use direct messaging on social media sites in combination with email marketing.

I find that quite odd. You see, I cannot recall having seen a campaign combining email and print advertising. Unless they are referring to marketers running a print campaign while at the same time shooting off an email campaign.

Are you leveraging the power of multi-channel marketing pairs?
I decided to write this because it gives me a chance to tell you to look closely into how your brand is leveraging the opportunities of multi-channel marketing. I’d say it is becoming increasingly important.

You might want to start by asking your team these questions;

  • When did we last review our media-channels?
  • Are there any underutilized media channels, which we could use differently to get a better result?
  • Are we measuring the effectiveness of each and every channel to prove our ROMI – Return on Marketing Investment?
  • Have we asked our customers about their preferences? (why not?)

Sure, I have been, still am and will continue to be an advocate of customer preference (recipient control) and ROMI. But I am sure you will be too once you realize that a properly designed and well executed multi-channel communication strategy, will provide you with an even greater return on your marketing efforts.

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