EADIM marketing course and an interview with Drayton Bird

  • EADIM marketing course and an interview with Drayton Bird

EADIM 3rd Edition: Stuff your head with real marketing knowledge and see the improvement

Soon the third edition of EADIM marketing course – The European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing – will commence. As part of the warm-up, Markedu brings you interesting marketing videos.

Legendary Drayton Bird has a way with words. If you have read his most popular book – Commonsense Direct and Interactive Marketing – you will know that he is a writer with an enormous talent. But you will also know that he knows more about direct marketing than probably any other living person. And what’s more; he has proven his expertise time and time again working with clients all over the world in a vast array of different industries.

So how do you become as good a marketer as Drayton Bird?

If you ask him, he would say; read a lot of books and never stop studying the trade For direct and interactive marketing that is particularly true.

There are so many details involved in making a direct and/or interactive marketing campaign successful. And that is exactly why Markedu is happy to recommend EADIM.  Not only has one of our colleagues been a student of EADIM marketing course (in fact that’s how he scored the job), but many of our best cooperation partners have attended EADIM in the past.

To give you a preview of EADIM, we snatched two videos.

How often should you communicate with customers and prospects?

The first one is with Drayton Bird providing an answer to a question he is often asked by direct and interactive marketers: How often should you communicate with customers and prospects. Good and sound advice in this video:

How long should your blog post be  – how much are people prepared to read?

This short video from EADIM 2009 in London. The speaker – Michael Leander –  will be coming back to teach at EADIM marketing course for the third time.  Interestingly, Drayton Bird’s Commonsense Direct Marketing is what got him interested in direct marketing initially. Hear what he has to say:

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