• Webinar: How to get your email to the inbox for improved results

Webinar: How to get your email to the inbox for improved results

Getting past the numbers and providing the how what, why and when of email deliverability, ensuring you can improve the ROI of your email marketing activities.

Deliverability is an important component of your email marketing activities.In this webinar, you will learn how you can improve the number of emails that find your audience’s inbox.

Andrew explains even the most technical aspects of an easy to understand way.

In this web-seminar email marketing expert Andrew Bonar will talk about:

  • What is email deliverability and reputation, does it really matter?
  • What you can do to improve your chances of getting your message delivered to your recipient’s inbox
  • How your systems & procedures affect whether or not your message is delivered to your client’s inbox
  • Why you cannot break the rules and why there are no shortcuts to better deliverability
  • When you can break the rules and why and “When is the best time to send my message”

This email deliverability webinar is for everybody as email deliverability is important to email marketers across the board from small to big, from B2C to B2B.

Markedu values a high level of interaction and limit the number of attendees. Book your seat now to avoid disappointment.

You can join this free web seminar on the following dates:

> 23 March 2011 at 09:30 GMT / 10:30 CET
> 10 May 2011 at 09:30 GMT / 10:30 CET

Speaker: Andrew Bonar

Andrew Bonar started his first website ‘Happenings’ in 1994. He also co-founded the UK’s oldest independent ISP: Cheapnet. He even launched an ESP before returning to University to study for an MA. More recently, Andrew has been available as a freelance consultant operating with clients across Europe, North America & Australia offering his expertise on subjects including multi-channel messaging, social media marketing and deliverability

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  • We value participant interaction & dialogue during the webinars. Therefore only a limited number of participants are accepted to join.
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