• Webinar: Identity, a key management concept for the 21st century

Webinar: Identity, a key management concept for the 21st century

A company’s identity is made of its history, its culture, and its brand.

Identity determines how a company drives its strategic thinking and acting. Many strategic or tactical changes fail because nothing has been done to understand which elements of the established identity should be changed and how to drive this change.

On the contrary, a deep understanding of a company’s identity helps manage major transitions such as a new strategy, a new branding initiative, international expansion or an acquisition.

The 21st-century economy and society will be more favourable to companies who have a deep sense of their identity and know how to manage it.

Team cohesion, talent management, the perception of the business environment, branding, and all in all, the overall company’ performance over time strongly depend on that capacity.

In this inspiring webinar, intended for General Managers, Human Resources, Communication, and Marketing Directors, Dr. Olivier Riviere presents:

  • The key concepts and tools of Identity management
  • A very detailed real-life case study from a European medium-size business

You can join this web seminar on these dates:

  • 28 July 2011 at 10:30 CET
  • 24 October 2011 at 10:30 CET

Time Zones (09:30 London / 10:30 Berlin / 10:30 Cairo / 12:30 Moscow / 17:30 Singapore)

About the speaker: Dr. Olivier Rivière

Dr. Olivier Rivière hast two complementary areas of speciality; the development of high performance and high spirit organisations, and the implementation of influence-oriented marketing and account management systems. He has over 30 years international experience in R&D, Marketing, Communications, Business Development, Key Account Management, and Operations.

Dr. Olivier Rivière has worked for international companies from various origin. Since end 2008 he works has an Interim Manager and a Consultant. He also teaches at SKEMA, a French Business School and regularly writes articles on management, B2B marketing, and Key Account Management.


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