• Webinar: Convert more virtual traffic into real money with D Bnonn Tennant

Webinar: Convert more virtual traffic into real money with D Bnonn Tennant

16 ways a 4-foot man with hairy feet can help you

Most websites are like leaky buckets. Money, in the form of prospective customers, goes in one end…and straight out the other. To increase your online sales, you have to turn more of those visitors into customers.

How can a character form of The Lord of the Rings help you do that?

You’ll have to attend this webinar to find out—along with many other secrets and strategies:

  • The four-step checklist to easily test any web-page, and instantly spot the “holes” prospects are slipping through
  • The formula that determines how desirable your offer seems, and explains why sometimes a prospect won’t bite on even the most enticing offer
  • The “value triangle”—three essential elements for understanding and building the kind of value your prospect can’t resist
  • Gradualization: what it is, how it applies to the web, and why using it correctly can double your site’s effectiveness
  • The reason images typically reduce reader engagement—and the two sure-fire ways to avoid this problem and keep prospects glued to the page
  • The four most crucial factors in determining whether prospects will even bother to stay on your site for more than seven seconds
  • Why visitors might be getting a “bad vibe” from your site, even though your content is top notch (plus how to send out good vibes instead)
  • Free access to 25 training videos that build on this webinar’s content

You can attend this web seminar on these dates:

  • 05 August at 09:30 GMT / 10:30 CET
  • 09 September at 09:30 GMT / 10:30 CET

Time Zones: (09:30 London – Lisbon / 10:30 Berlin – Paris / 12:30 Cairo / 13:30 Moscow / 17:30 Singapore)

About the speaker: D Bnonn Tennant

D Bnonn Tennant is known in the boroughs as the Information Highwayman – the dashing and debonair author of conversion-rate optimization course Attention-Thievery 101. Self-trained in direct marketing, he spends his days helping small businesses get more out of their websites by improving both their copy and design.

When he’s not knee-deep in the guts of someone’s homepage, he’s writing, speaking, or reading about how to turn more visitors into customers—and when he’s not doing that he is teaching his kids about steampunk, Nathan Fillion, and how to grapple a zombie without getting bit.

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