Marian Seitan says people deserve to be listened to

  • Marian Seitan from ARMAD Romania

Markedu has set out to interview marketers who innovative our industry in some shape or form. In this interview you can meet Marian Seitan – the Chairman of ARMAD (the Romanian Direct Marketing Association) and the general manager of Mediapost Hit Mail

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1) Please tell us about yourself; what is your current job role and what have you done before?
I am the General Manager and the founder, since 1997, of Mediapost Hit Mail, a leading direct marketing group in Romania. Before I have studied in Bucharest and Lille, France, and I have worked two years for Rhone Poulenc, a large French chemistry group. (Mediapost Hit Mail is partly owned by the French Mail)

Marian Seitan from ARMAD Romania2) How is direct marketing developing in Romania? How do you see the future in terms of media mix and spending? What about integration of digital?
In volume, direct marketing is currently stagnating in Romania – but if we look more into details, we will see a strong shift from offline direct marketing to online direct marketing. The crisis has arrived in a moment when classic direct marketing was still small, but had very good perspectives – and then, many budgets dwindled and many big DM projects were abandoned or replaced by low-budget online projects, while others expanded and diversified cross-channel.

3) In your opinion what do you believe are the three biggest direct marketing challenges for direct marketers in Romania today?
a) Lack of education of the clients concerning the benefits of DM;
b) cheap TV;
c) Inconstant position of authorities regarding key laws related to DM;

4) When thinking about skills, which are the skills that you believe are most important to develop for the modern direct marketer?
I would mention being knowledgeable, quick learner, attentive to details and creative regarding campaign design.

5) Imagine that you were taken to the High Marketing Court by a brand-aficionado accusing you of practicing response marketing in a society where branding was seen as the norm. What would be your defense?
I would say just: “People deserve to be listened to”

6) Will we be using stamps for direct mail letters 25 years from now?
No – in fact we never used stamps in Romania for industrial direct mail

direct mail stamps with creativity7) Do you have any examples of great direct marketing work that generated massive Return on Marketing Investment?
I cannot think of any right now – but I am sure there will be several presented at the RODIRECT 2011 coming up soon in Bucharest.

8) How about data privacy. Are you taking steps to decrease the amount of unsolicited emails being sent by Romanian marketers?
We are in early stages of evaluating the situation, together with the authorities, but it is clear that we will go on that road.

9) Is direct response advertising in Romania common?
It is almost unused.

10) What is the single most exciting development in direct marketing you have seen in the past 12 months?
I would say the tools offered by integrating geo-marketing and LBS into DM projects.

11) When comparing direct marketing skills in Romania to central and northern Europe, what is the status?
I would say in Romania we are quite strong regarding campaign design (the gap with Western Europe is small), while not so strong regarding creating concepts for DM projects (the gap with Western Europe is big).

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