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Oystein Svarod Øystein SvarödMarkedu asked Norwegian direct marketer and copywriter Øystein Svaröd to give his viewpoint on what is happening in the glorious world of direct and digital marketing.

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In the world of communications we have seen a convergence between technologies and the way to use them. And with the web we have honestly seen a dramatic decline of the quality in copy and design. Not to speak about the ideas. It is quite similar to when the direct marketing creatives were second rate in any big agency.

Historically it actually began when the HTML-programmers started creating websites for clients. Suddenly the programmer became an all-in-one solution for programming (which was their trade), copywriting (which they had no idea about, and it was therefore left to the client´s organization), design (which is actually fun, and loads of software for automated design popped up) and photos (which they left to the client with his new digital camera with a zillion pixels).

With the app market emerging, I believe that the creativity will take a new turn of convergence. I mean, communications creativity will converge with the technical creativity. And that is because the iOS offers a world of new and innovative combinations, both in the visuals and the technological areas. The creative options in the iOS are without visible borders.

Remember the old definition of creativity?

creativity mobile applications for marketing«Creativity is the talent to combine well-known things in a new way».
This definition pretty much covers the new app creativity for marketing creatives. I will recommend spending some time and checking out the fun at Appstore. Not just fun, an avalanche of ideas, technological, visual and how to do effective copywriting.

Spend some money on apps and check out how people have used the technology in creative ways, ways that Apple had no idea about. And, please check out the beautiful digital design pieces and the intelligent and fun interfaces. This is directy marketing or one-to-one communications as good as it gets.

I suspect that the brave new world for good creatives is here. Enjoy!

Check out this mobile application. Art communicated to kids in a digital and new way:

Mobile application example

You can interact with Oystein Svaröd on his website here and check if there is a webinar coming up about mobile applications for marketing and customer service here 

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