Anders Frankel from APSIS says KISS is key to success

  • Anders Frankel from Apsis says KISS is key to success

Interview with Anders Frankel from APSIS leading email marketing service provider from Scandinavia.

In this brief interview, you can hear what Anders Frankel the founder of the market leading email marketing service provider in Scandinavia – have to say about the success of his company APSIS.

The Skype conversation we had with Swedish based Anders Frankel very much reminded us of how a stringent focus on reel market needs often brings bucket loads of success. That is especially true for technology.

Understanding where the limitations are – and should be – more often than not is the key to success. And success is exactly what best describes this businessman from the fair land that also has produced global successes and talent such as music band Abba, tennis players Borg and Wilander, socialist politician Olaf Palme and Astrid Lindgren – the author of Pippi Longstocking.

APSIS – 10 years of constant growth

APSIS was founded by Anders Frankel around 10 years ago. Since then this hugely successful company has attracted an impressive 6.000 customers in 50 countries. While the majority of Apsis’ customers reside in Sweden, Anders Frankel and his team of enthusiastic email marketing professionals are also present in near home markets such as Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Apart from a local presence in the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey, Apsis has more recently entered the Asian Pacific market through an office in Hong Kong.

When we asked Anders Frankel what he thinks is the secret to the success, he replied: “consistency, simplicity and care for our customers are the key factors behind our growth. We are dealing with a market where many email marketing service providers (ESP’s) often focus too much on creating an abundance of features.

Anders Frankel from APSIS

Anders Frankel from APSIS

At Apsis we have always focused on the needs of our customers. And on keeping it simple. Email marketing is very execution-focused – so it is important that email marketing software is easy and fast to use.

We aim to make the features that email marketers use frequently extremely easy and straightforward to use. The practical details that probably aren’t very compelling in a sales pitch are important to the daily use of email marketing software.

Little details like identifying the right target group, segmenting, creating an email message, testing the email message and tracking the results must be extremely easy and quick to do. The same for A/B split testing and surveys. So what we are aiming to do is to develop software that looks and feels easy to use, but still offers a lot of more advanced features.

If you want to know more about Apsis, check out their website here 

Positioned for growth in the email marketing space

In 2010 Apsis attracted a major investment from Norwegian venture capital. Anders Frankel explains that this will allow Apsis to more rapidly exploit growth opportunities. With an outstanding financial performance growing by 80% year-on-year over the past three years, we believe Apsis is well positioned for growth.

The company recently acquired key assets in the now-defunct Danish email marketing service provider Zoomio, which will boost the number of APSIS Newsletter Pro customers in Denmark – the second largest email marketing market in Scandinavia.

Whats Next?

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