• Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo 2012

ASAP – Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo 2012

This workshop focuses on giving you digital marketing tools and techniques that you can implement ASAP.

Presented by Michael Leander, this Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo is extremely affordable in spite of the world-class information you get. But you have to act ASAP.

For the first time in years, Michael Leander is going to share digital marketing information that can help any business do better in the digital world.

ASAP Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo

This one-day seminar is all about the basics. The little practical things that can either make you stand out or make your company awfully ineffective in the digital world.

After you attend, you will take away practical guide-books that will help you steer you to real results in the digital marketing world.

First, ask yourself these questions:
Michael Leander - Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo 2012

  • Do you know exactly what you need to do in order to plan a successful website or to improve the results of the one you already have? Or do you feel that sometimes you are too much in the hands of the so-called experts?
  • Do you feel prepared to work with the internet savvy agencies or freelancers, or could you use a simple guide that can save you thousands of pounds and get you a better result?
  • Would you like to know how social media can play a part in attracting new customers and selling more to existing customers? Are you concerned about results rather than fancy-pancy activities that never returns on money back to your company?
  • Do you want to learn how you can use simple and affordable tools to improve your marketing communication for results?
  • Would you like to know how you get from plan to action –  faster and cheaper – by cutting out all the nonsense and irrelevant marketing components that steal too much time, money and focus away from the stuff that really matters?

If you can answer YES to just one of the questions above, you need to attend this workshop. And because Michael Leander is eager to help Egyptian companies and entrepreneurs, the price is a real steal. It will never get this cheap to spend a full day with Michael Leander in Egypt again. Guaranteed!

Who should attend the ASAP – Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo?
Marketing managers, marketing executives, marketing coordinators and assistants will benefit hugely from attending. But so will also CEO’s or managing directors in small and midsize companies. Entrepreneurs

About the Speaker: Micheal Leander

Michael Leander will be your main presenter. He did his first digital marketing project in 1995 and has since then been involved in all aspects of digital marketing. From the simple stuff to complex, integrated e-commerce solutions. He knows his push- and pull. His inbound and outbound. He lives and breathes what he does. On top of that, some people say he is pretty good at presenting his ideas, tools, tips and techniques. Learn more about Michael Leander here

What is the agenda?
The final agenda will be tailor-made to best fit the needs of attendees, however, these points will be covered

Morning (09:30h – 12:00h) – Developing or revamping your website or web-presence

  1. How to create the plan to develop or revamp a website that will meet your marketing objectives
  2. How to implement a usability structure that will make visitors act and/or come back for more
  3. How to establish forms, that will get you into a dialogue with potential customers
  4. How your website need to complement your business processes and how to put that into action
  5. Questions & answer sessions

Lunch break from (12:00h – 13:00h)

Afternoon (13:00h – 17:00h) – Social business/media trends, tips and tools that get’s you business, and don’t waste your time

  1. What the recent Facebook changes mean and how you can overcome new barriers to engage your audience
  2. How you get your social media ecosystem to work for you; all the components you need to address to successfully leverage social business
  3. How to navigate through the many social network platforms for success; Google+, Linkedin, YouTube etc.
  4. How to set up a listening system and how to track & measure your success; we’ll look at some free and paid tools
  5. Questions & answer sessions

Venue – you will be in good hands

The event will take place at the Sonesta Hotel, Tower & Casino in Heliopolis / Nasr City.

Dirt cheap to attend – it never gets as cheap as this again

Last minute tickets – Pay by cash 11th April 2012: 1.590 LE and SAVE 300 LE
Pay by cash or bank transfer after 9th April 2012: 1.890 LE

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