• Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo - Marketing Plan for Success in 2013

Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo – Marketing Plan for Success in 2014

The digital marketing workshop in Cairo is designed for marketing managers, marketing directors, CMO’s, digital marketing managers, brand managers, CEO’s and managing directors.

Attending the Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo will give you the information and tools you need to increase your marketing success in 2014.

You will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of how you plan and execute your marketing activities
  • Important insight into the tools and talents aspect of marketing
  • A clearer path to how you are going to measure and improve your success

Managing your digital marketing activities requires a thorough understanding of which tools to use and which talents to attract. But more importantly, the rules for seed & consequence of marketing has changed. And you need to understand how you effectively manage your marketing resources.

This is what you will experience at the Digital Marketing Plan for Success 2013 in Cairo:

Morning sessions are tailored to give marketing, brand and communications managers :

  1. The State of Digital Marketing in Egypt and best practices from Europe
  2. How to manage your resources; getting the tools & talent equation right
  3. How does the new buyer paradigm effect your digital marketing presence
  4. Calculating your digital marketing Return on Marketing Investment; what to measure and how

Afternoon sessions address important trends, tools and tips related to your digital marketing instrumentation:

  1. What can the modern SMS do for your results; a look into mobile marketing and location-based services
  2. Understanding social business and the complexities of planning, execution and measurement
  3. How to get hands-on your web properties to constantly tune for better results
  4. The integrated approach’ in Egypt; what works and what doesn’t
  5. Content marketing and what it means to the effective marketing organisation

5 more reasons why you need to attend the digital marketing plan workshop in Cairo

  • Meet award-winning speaker and marketing expert Michael Leander in company with some of the best local digital marketing experts
  • Learn how the top 2% best marketing managers work to get 50% better results than the rest. Keywords related to effective marketing planning, efficient budget control.
  • Get cutting-edge insights into leading trends and understand how you can leverage these new opportunities.
  • Learn how to plan for results rather than fancy-pancy marketing activities that never delivers any Return on Marketing Investment
  • Would you like to know how you get from plan to action –  faster and cheaper – by cutting out all the nonsense and irrelevant marketing components that steal too much time, money and focus away from the stuff that really matters?

If you can say YES to wanting more success in 2013, this is the digital marketing workshop you must attend.

Who will speak at the Digital Marketing Workshop in Cairo?

Michael Leander will be your main presenter. He did his first digital marketing project in 1995 and has since then been involved in all aspects of digital marketing. From the simple stuff to complex, integrated e-commerce solutions. He knows his push- and pull. His inbound and outbound. He lives and breathes what he does. On top of that, some people say he is pretty good at presenting his ideas, tools, tips and techniques. Learn more about Michael Leander here

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