Markedu relaunches with new innovative learning concepts for marketers

  • Markedu relaunches innovative marketing learning concepts

Markedu relaunches new innovative learning concepts for marketers, agencies and students of marketing.

With a combination of webinars, event conferences, seminars and workshops, Markedu will also be offering a new certified digital marketing academy in selected countries.

Since 2010 Markedu has brought marketing events to more than 15 countries and hosted more than 100 free webinars in 5 different languages. We have interacted with more than 7.500 marketers from 91 countries. And now we are ready to take Markedu to the next level.

NEW: Portugal website in Portuguese now live – see here

Markedu’s history in brief

Markedu was born as an idea formed when I presented a few webinars organised by FEDMA and started as a collaboration between FEDMA and myself.

In late 2009 Markedu was born. In early 2010 a small team based in Portugal was hired to run Markedu. From 2010 to 2012 this super lean team brought free webinars to marketers. It was an investment in building a new market. We invested in a plan.But in the summer of 2012, I had to accept that the market wasn’t mature enough to make Markedu’s free webinar model a viable business. Although we absolutely loved providing free webinars to marketers, it had become a money-losing business with no clear perspective on how we could make it sustainable. As a result, we downsized to zero.

Let me just say this; I am proud of what a super lean team accomplished. It will forever remind me of just how much-talented people can do.

Markedu’s future in brief

In the past 2 years, I have received exactly 124 emails from marketers around the world requesting new free marketing webinars. Unable to give them an answer was highly dissatisfactory. But today I am super happy that we are now finally able to continue where we left off. In the future, we plan to offer lots of free Markedu webinars to marketers all over the world.

So what do we have in store for the future?

How do we plan to make Markedu a sustainable business in a difficult market dominated by sponsored content?

We cannot reveal all of our plans just yet, but I can say this:

> Markedu will continue to offer free webinars for marketers, agencies and students of marketing.
> More emphasis on new learning formats both free and paid including more learning @Your Desk half and full day webinars
> Launch of our Digital Marketing Academy, which we are in the process of getting accredited. The academy will launch in selected countries in 2015
> More unique Marketing Masterclasses delivered by top marketing experts and offered in partnership with leading marketing associations and local event organisers around the world
> New pay-to-learn content, which will be available from the Markedu Learning Shop

Apart from these initiatives, we are currently finalising the planning of some truly unique event experience concepts.

What about Markedu learning formats in local languages?

In the past, we have hosted webinars in different languages. Apart from English, Markedu has been the host of marketing webinars in German, Portuguese, Arabic, Romanian, Bulgarian and Danish.

Moving forward we plan to host webinars and marketing events in English and Portuguese on a regular basis. And we are currently in the process of setting up partnerships with local partners who can help us run webinars and events in local languages. If you are interested in representing Markedu in your country, please let me know.

How can you help us help you?

If you like Markedu’s free webinars you can help us by spreading the word. We have come to the conclusion that we prefer to grow organically through recommendation rather than by investing heavily in attendee acquisition. For that reason, you will see that many of our new webinars will be free only if you share the webinar information with your network.

But there are other ways in which you can help. For example,

> If you want to moderate a webinar from time to time, let us know
> If you would like to share your knowledge by speaking at one of our webinars or events, contact us
> If you want to sponsor an event, get in touch to discuss the possibilities
> If you want us to consider publishing your content on our blog and share your knowledge and profile with tens of thousands of marketers, send us an email here
> If you have any other ideas for collaboration, get in touch with me via LinkedIn here

We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service to help you improve and grow. Stay with us and remember that we are always open to listen.

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Michael Leander
The founder and CEO of Markedu is a world-renowned, award-winning speaker who has shared his know-how on digital marketing, loyalty marketing, CRM and data-driven marketing with thousands of professionals in 48 countries around the world.

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