Global Marketing Influencers Pakistan: Aamir Rauf and Qamar Abbas talks to us

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In our series of interviews with global marketing influencers, we talked to two respected marketing professionals from Pakistan

Global Marketing Influencers at Markedu

Watch the interviews with executive director of Pakistan Advertisers’ Society mr. Qamar Abbas and head of digital with Lowe Rauf, mr. Aamir Rauf.

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Whenever you see lists ranking global marketing leaders or global marketing influencers, these lists includes mainly folks representing big brands from developed countries. And mainly from the USA and United Kingdom.

I personally don’t believe in these lists anymore than I believe that my favorite Danish football team will win the Champions League – ever !

On the other hand, I believe that we will find the true global marketing influencers through talking to and interacting with marketing professionals who make a difference. The ones whom talk the talk, walk-the-walk and positively influence the environment they are in.  These are passionate folks who make a difference. They may not be American, British or Australian and they may not be well known outside of their own environment. But that doesn’t make them any less influential.

In our series of interviews with global marketing influencers, we bring you two talks. In these videos, Markedu’s founder (and top Markedu marketing speaker & trainer) Michael Leander interviews two Pakistani marketing influencers. These interviews took place at the amazingly beautiful Sind Club in Karachi. A superb place screaming with an abundance of tranquility and peace.

Qamar Abbas influences the marketing and advertising environment in Pakistan through Pakistan Advertisers’ Society

First up is the executive director of Pakistan Advertisers’ Society commonly known as PAS. Qamar Abbas and his team have done a remarkable job of launching a number of initiatives which are benefiting advertisers as well as media publishers in Pakistan.

Amongst the many initiatives launched by PAS in recent years are

> The Code of Advertising Practice
Media research studies for print, TV, radio and more
> The Dig-it Digital Marketing Conference

Aamir Rauf influences the use of digital marketing from his position with leading traditional advertising agency Lowe Rauf in Pakistan

The second interview is with Aamir Rauf. As the chief digital officer he leads the digital marketing arm of one of Pakistan’s most successful agencies, namely Lowe Pakistan. As a younger marketing professional, Aamir Rauf is one to watch, so to speak. While he completely understands traditional advertising, he is someone whom advocates new media in mobile and internet.

Watch what Aamir Rauf has to say about digital marketing and digital advertising in Pakistan

Aamir is an aviation entusiast and an aeromodeler.

These two folks were the first two we talked to in our global marketing influencers Pakistan article. If you know of other individuals whom you think we should talk to in Pakistan or anywhere else on the planet, please send us an email here

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