5 tips to increase your creativity by Yonathan Dominitz

  • 5 tips to increase your creativity by Yonathan Dominitz

Markedu asked creativity expert and founder of Mindscapes, Yonathan Dominitz to share some tips to increase your creativity.

1) Be curious

Do not take things for granted. They are not. Ask yourself why and how come that things are the way they are? Look for new and surprising relations of cause and effect. Look at known things and situations as if you see them for the first time. Challenge yourself constantly and develop sensitivity, curiosity and receptivity to the world within you and around you.

2) Change your perspective

Ask yourself how would a different person look or think of the problem or challenge or situation with which you are dealing with? How would a kid look at it? A person of the opposite gender? A person from a different culture/ profession/ locality?

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the Nobel laureate biochemist, once said:

“Discovery consists of looking at the same things as everyone else and thinking something different”

Many times a breakthrough in creativity comes when we change our own perspective.

3) Challenge your existing assumptions

Our own assumptions can become a big obstacle to change and creativity. We have assumptions as for who, how, when, why, where, people think, say or do what they do. These assumptions may be true, but may not be the only truth there is. The problem is that we don’t ‘see’ our own assumptions. They are transparent, so to speak.

Try to scan and reveal your own assumptions, of what ‘must’ or must-not’ be in the system? What is necessary, and what may be redundant? Take the habit of revealing the existing assumptions, and playing with them, replacing them with different, sometimes even the opposite assumptions: transforming the good into evil, the bad into good etc.

4) Relax

New ideas come more freely when the mind is relaxed. When we relax, we allow the left and right parts of the brain find a natural balance, without dominating one another. Relaxing allows the brain to function at frequencies more conducive to the imagination, free association and creativity. Find ways to relax your body& mind. Include more periods of time-out, play, walks in nature, meditation and contemplation in your daily life.

5) Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t be afraid to do ‘stupid’ things, and to make mistake. The most creative people are remembered for their great success; but if asked, they will tell you of the many times they have failed before (and after) they have succeeded.

Creativity means being open to the possibility of failing. Each time we create something truly original and new, fear may arise. The reason why fear arises is that any creative new idea was never done before, so we don’t have the certainty that it will work. Creativity requires the ability to take risks and to be tolerant towards ambiguity and the lack of certitude. Therefore, if you want to create and to change things, you should learn to stay open to these mental states.

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Yonathan Dominitz
Yonathan Dominitz is the Founder of Mindscapes, where he is a trainer and leader of creativity enhancement projects for ad agencies, digital, media, direct, as well as marketing companies.

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