Global marketing influencers: Direct marketing expert German Sacristan

German Sacristan

German Sacristan – direct marketing expert, speaker and author

In Markedu‘s series of talks with global marketing influencers, Michael Leander asked direct marketing expert and speaker German Sacristan about his thoughts on direct marketing and marketing training.

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You’ve been in direct marketing for a long time, tell us what got you started and why it excites you

The origins and source of direct marketing is what got me excited. We’ve been doing direct marketing through face to face (sales) calls for hundreds of years before email, direct mail, sms etc.. Those basics and fundamentals are what makes direct marketing successful together with the new technologies. I get excited about how to blend those two together

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In your experience what are three common mistakes people make when planning or executing a direct marketing campaign?

Failure to use data in the best way possible, Lack of sensitivity when contacting a target and failure to invest marketing budgets effectively

Is direct mail dead, is email marketing dead?

direct mail piece

Example of a modern direct mail piece

No, these days there is less competition in the mail box than on the internet or email inboxes. It is easier to capture your targets attention with touch and feel printed materials and promotional items than with a few words on a subject line.

There is no spam with direct mail. What you send is what your target audience will get. People are more relaxed when going through their (direct) mail after a hard day at work than when they are scanning their emails….

All channels have their strengths and weaknesses. No marketing channel is better than the other. Each marketing channel just have to be used at the right time and the right way.

You are also a speaker and trainer. What excites you about speaking and training?

To say things in a way that encourages people to act on the information. (See German Sacristan and other top speaker profiles here)

You are an international marketing expert from Spain, but currently based in the USA. What is different between how americans approach marketing compared to marketers in Europe?

Marketing is more overwhelming and aggressive in the US. It is part of the culture. In Europe it is also over-saturated, but much less than in the US and not so much part of our European culture. Marketing in the US is also more fear based than in Europe.   There are good and bad marketers on both sides. The same tools and technologies are available to everyone.

Tell our readers why they should read your book and where they can get it

direct marketing book

Digital and direct marketing goose is the title of German Sacristan’s book

You should read my book because it brings you to the basics and provides a good methodology to follow, which you can use to build the best marketing strategy possible.

Excerpt from the book description: Digital and Direct Marketing Expert German Sacristan has stepped in to help marketers in this age of digital media. He has succeeded where many have failed by writing a simple, functional, easy to reference book that will help you build a very powerful marketing communication methodical process to increase your chances of a better ROMI, or return on market investment.

German Sacristan knows that most marketing campaigns fail because the fundamentals are just not given the attention they deserve. In his book, he reiterates the fundamentals of marketing, sales and communication and lucidly shows how they apply in the world of digital media.

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Is internet marketing part of the direct marketing mix or something else?

It is part of the marketing mix. You can take your target from a direct mailer or email to a personal URL on the internet, then make your target part of your direct marketing campaign by allowing them to share via social media (powerful word of mouth).

You can use the internet to incentivize your target to provide relevant information to you so you can be more effective when you contact them again. The internet is a huge marketing enabler . But it is also a place where your customers buy your products. Therefore you want to drive traffic to your online shops or wherever people can transact with you.

Almost everything is direct marketing today.  A cookie strategy will contact a target directly with offers that are relevant to them based on the information that they’ve built.   You can watch and/or listen to different TV and radio commercials depending on where you are.

It is true that you can use internet marketing (banners etc..) in a way that is not direct, personal or linked to any direct marketing campaign. But it is also true that all your marketing should be somehow connected to be able to achieve brand consistency and avoid customer confusion.


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