The power of a simple story amplified by how it is delivered

  • The power of a simple story amplified by how it is delivered

Early and late hours. Weekends. That’s when many of us privately browse the internet. Perhaps intending to find something specific. But often somehow diverted to other interesting corners of the web. And it is in these moments that we sometimes find that little something. That something which wows and captivates.  Scroll for two classic examples below. 

Although you started off focused on finding one thing in one place, you ended up finding something else in an entirely different place. But because you were wow’ed, (or learned something new or acquired interesting information) it was okay!

It was okay because of the (good/awesome/interesting) experience you had. And possibly because you found something of value that you could share with others. So others could have a similar wow experience.

See two amazing examples of how powerful a simple story can become.

And sharing is exactly what I want to do. I want to share with you two extraordinary examples of how the power of a simple story can be amplified through effective delivery.  And I hope that these stories will wow you just like they did me when I first watched them.

The power of a simple story amplified through shadow dancing

This group of dancers are so much more than dancers. They are master storytellers. Their stories are simple. Yet very powerful because of how they tell the story.  They are called Attraction Shadow Dancers Theatre Group and you can learn more about them here

The power of a simple story amplified with sand art

The artist is Kseniya Simonova. She went on to win Ukraine’s version of Got Talent. And later on to become a celebrity in her own right appearing in front of audiences around the world. Learn more about Kseniya here

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