Video marketing / coms is revolutionizing B2B marketing. Part 2

  • Video marketing coms revolutionizing B2B marketing Part 2

Video marketing coms revolutionizing B2B marketing Part 2

Video marketing/coms is revolutionizing B2B marketing. Part 2

This is the second of two posts on Video Marketing & Communications (VM&C), in business-to-business.

In the first post, I explained why VM&C should be a vital component in any B2B strategy, illustrated by some background, stats and some video examples. Find it here, if you want to check out that post first.

In this second post, I’ll suggest the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that should be part of your VM&C Strategy. Next, I’ll suggest a list of required skills needed in a B2B organisations striving for a success in VM&C, coupled by 5 recommended job roles. Finally, a couple of words about hiring and training.

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What are the most relevant KPIs of video marketing/coms?

There are five metrics that you should use, in order to assess the overall performance of your videos.

First, the No of Plays. This raw count is important but is never to be used as single metric.

Next, the Play-through average is important, as it measures the video’s qualities in retaining viewer interest.

Third, No. of engagement mins. which is no. of plays+play-through combined as number of mins.

Fourth, Sharing from player + embed from player will give you hard evidence re. the no. of partners and viewers that feel your video is worth promoting! Either by forwarding the video’s direct link, or by copying the embed code and installing it to e.g. their own website. In B2B, an obvious example would be a distributor wanting to promote the products they are reselling.

Finally, Action click-throughs is really important for sales stimulating (lead-generation) videos. This final metric counts the viewers’ clicks on links and buttons embedded in the video. When you URL-tag these “actions” correctly, you’ll be able to track the video’s effectiveness in reaching your conversion goals on your website. That could be e.g. the viewer asking to be contacted by a sales rep, by filling in a form on the website. Google also enables tagging of inbound phone calls.

This final metric is mostly relevant for videos aiming to generate leads or customer sign-up/subscriptions. For corporate branding videos or a video explaining a procedure, the number of engagement mins. is more important.

Most of these metrics require you have a real, proper content management system for video communications. With such a system, you can manage the distribution across owned, paid and earned media and thereby collect the consolidated values for these metrics (note: your video needs to be embedded, in order to collect stats from 3rd party sites). A great tool that I use myself is 23Video. There are others, too.

What are the required skills to be successful in VM&C?

In my first post, I claimed we’re in the Golden Era of Marketing. The number of tools, platforms, formats and channels is exciting – and admittedly, overwhelming at times. Therefore, business organisations have to make sure they have access to a quite comprensive list of skills, either in-house or sourced externally.

In this section, I’ll give my recommendation to the list of skills needed, followed by five job roles, each taking up part of the responsibility for success.

Today, most ambitious Marketing & Communication Departments are structured more or less according to these 5 roles:

In the Golden Era of Marketing, that’s not good enough. You have to have access to all these skills in order to be truly competitive:

This demanding list requires, in my view, that you organize according to these job roles:

I have elaborate profiles and descriptions for each of these roles (used for full presentation this spring), but that’s a bit too detailed for this post. Instead, a couple of keywords for each:

You need a Digital Coms Specialist for App Development, Content Management Systems Admin (web, email, video, social), User Xperience/Interaction expertise and Digital Art Direction/Creation (web, email, video, social).

You need a SEO/SEM Specialist for Digital (Google) Analytics, Search Engine optimization, Search Advertising & re-targeting and ROMI analysis.

You need the Content Strategist for Multi-platform lead nurturing, Script writing, Video story-boarding, Search advertising cpy and Product & brand cpy writing.

You need the Media Specialist for Media analysis, planning, insertion or upload, Campaign tagging, Digital (Google) Analytics and ROMI Analysis.

Finally, you need the Video Specialist for Video story-boarding, Video production (Directing, filming, cutting & editing) and Video Content Admin.

How on earth do you acquire such a team?

Admitted – it seems difficult. But I suggest three strategies:

1. Limit hiring business school graduates. Instead, look for designers, journalists, IT developers & video photographers.

2. Invest in competence building, constantly. Engage in ”how-to”-training and inspiration days like those offered e.g. by Markedu. Take part yourself, so you get a sense of the mechanics.

3. Buy from specialist freelancers what you can’t achieve in-house – you still need the skill.

This concludes part 2 of “Video marketing/coms is revolutionizing B2B marketing”. If you missed part 1, use the ink here to  the link at the top of this post.

I hope you found my input useful – maybe even “like” it.
Good luck with your efforts!

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