Recipe for going viral. Do it for Denmark & Do it for Mom

  • Recipe for going viral. Do it for Denmark & Do it for Mom

For the second time “Do it for Denmark” campaign grabs the attention of the international media.

Spies Rejser (A Danish travel company) definitely believes so. For the second time their “Do it for Denmark” campaign grabs the attention of the international media, from celebrity blogs and to serious news outlets such as CNN and Time magazine.

The campaign takes on the quite serious issue of Denmark’s declining birth-rates, with a humorous and sexy approach combined with some clever marketing and sales gimmicks.

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Do it for Denmark

The first ad “Do it for Denmark” is from 2014 which has amassed over 8.7 million views on youtube.  Quite an accomplishment in a country with only 5,5 million people.

The ad is focused on how vacations to romantic cities such as Paris, can help couples be more intimate which in turn could help Denmark’s declining birth-rate. Spies offered an ovulation-discount and if a baby was conceived as a result of the vacation, Spies will gift the couple three years use of baby equipment and a child-friendly vacation.

Do it for Mom

Their second ad, named “Do it for Denmark, Do it for Mom” is only a week old and has already attracted more than 4.3 million views on YouTube alone. The ad is targeted the older segment who wishes for grandchildren. In a nutshell, the ad shows how active couple-vacations increase sexual activity between couples.

So mothers who want their adult children to have babies, can use the “Spies Parent Purchase” and send their adult child on an active holiday, so they can finally get some grandchildren.

The magical recipe?

So is this the recipe we all should use, to increase viewership on our marketing related videos and advertisements? Is it as simple as throwing a dash of humour, a pinch of sex and sprinkle with clever gimmicks in the mix and wait for the hits to come rolling in?

We want your opinion, so please comment and let’s get this discussion going.

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