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These fact-filled stories of iconic brands LEGO, Calvin Klein and NIKE gives you a bit of insight on the history of these successful global brands.

Interesting and inspiring stories relevant to anyone interested in growth, branding and marketing.

Iconic brands all have quite a few things in common. Usually, their rise to fame has taken quite a long time.

Most of these global power brands have seen quite a few dramatic ups-and-downs in their businesses. That too is the case for all of the iconic brands covered in this short post. Enjoy the videos below. Get Markedu’s amazing newsletter right here.

Just watch it! The story of iconic brand Nike

Nike is truly iconic the world over. Selling a commodity, this iconic brand has proven what amazing branding, storytelling and customer orientation can do. See the video to learn when the Nike swoosh was first created and more about facts about Nike. Did you know that several of Apple’s memorable campaigns were directly inspired by some of Nike’s admirable and award-winning campaigns?

Just Watch It: The History Of Nike In 3 Minutes by FastCompany

LEGO – iconic brands from Denmark

This iconic brand from The Kingdom of Denmark is the story of true entrepreneurship, creativity and persistence. Did you know that LEGO nearly went bust not so many years ago? Thanks to a new strategy – perfectly executed by their management – LEGO was able to turn the tide and became more successful than ever before. The LEGO Movie is a sheer stroke of marketing genius – but that’s another story. Full history on LEGO over at Wikipedia.

A History of Lego in Three Minutes by FastCompany

The story of iconic brand Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of those iconic brands with an interesting story to share. Think sensual, Brooke Shields and various incidents involving drugs and rehab. But the brand is still going strong today. More about Calvin Klein’s history here.

The Kinky, Controversial History of Calvin… by FastCompany

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