Grzegorz Błażewicz: Marketers in Central Europe are currently more innovative

  • Grzegorz Błażewicz

Grzegorz Błażewicz underlines errors and good practices that can save you time and money in marketing automation.

Grzegorz Błażewicz, is CEO and founder of SALESmanago Marketing Automation, a polish cloud based online marketing automation platform, that in 2014 raised a $1.7 million round of funding and this year closed a $6 million investment from Austria’s 3TS Capital Partners.

Grzegorz Błażewicz, CEO an founder of SALESmanago, APPmanago and BenhauerGrzegorz is also founder of APPmanago Mobile Marketing Automation and Benhauer Marketing Automation Consulting.

What are the most common mistakes businesses make when it comes to marketing automation implementations?

Over planning – Which is generating too many strategies before implementation and not really focusing on testing and optimisation of quite simple things

Understaffing Implementation of marketing automation processes requires dedicated people that are seriously involved

Inflated expectations – Marketing automation is not software that will automatically solve all the sales and conversion problems – it’s a conversion improvement tool that works only when used properly in a specific context

Your company is growing very rapidly in the marketing automation and adjacent categories. What is the reason for your success?

There are 2 reasons:

  1. We are not focusing on B2B companies like traditional marketing automation players. Our primary market is B2C and predominantly Online Stores. Marketers in B2C and eCommerce are very well prepared for measurement of ROI on marketing and understand pretty well the meaning of data.
  2. We are not selling just software – what we offer to our customers is really a solution rather than the software which is at the back of the sales process.

What customers buy is actually a ready-made idea to implement specifically tailored marketing automation processes – that will be implemented after the customer signs the license agreement.

Which problems are currently solved with marketing automation? Can you give some industry specific examples?

It would me more appropriate to tell about problems which are not being solved. If you automate bad process it will still remain bad. If you employ not enough really involved people, they will not become more engaged with marketing automation. If you do not generate enough traffic to your website – there is nothing to optimise and test.

Grzegorz Błażewicz

It seems all areas of martech (marketing technology) are growing globally. In your expert opinion, how far behind North America are European businesses?

My opinion is quite contrary. the question is how far behind European businesses are North American marketers. What inspires me a lot is the fact that marketers in Central Europe currently are much more innovative than their more “experienced” counterparts from Western Europe and from the States. We are not limited here by the perception of some traditional ways of marketing and selling.

The modern customer has changed dramatically the way they behave in the buying process and those behaviours and marketing challenges are far better addressed in the so-called emerging markets. They are adopting the new ways of new customers behaviour much quicker and marketing technologies are following those new trends very fast.

When thinking about the skill sets required to successfully implement SalesManago’s solutions, which are the most important skills a marketing department needs to have?

This would be:

  • Ability to switch from creative to technical and analytical thinking
  • Ability to admit mistakes and focusing on optimisation rather than searching for the holy grail

What about machine learning. Is that something SalesManago and other leading players will look to add to your solutions portfolio in the near future?

Another holy grail of all marketing automation players. We do work on various methods of implementation of machine learning at SALESmanago. We can analyse huge amounts of data and draw a lot of conclusions, but generating such conclusions at the level of the individual user with something we call “small data” is much more difficult. With regard to our product, we are absolutely full of unique features, – the challenge is to enable customers to use all of them in a very easy and fast way.

You are based in Cracow from where you are expanding. Can you tell us a bit about your expansion plans

Our marketing and sales strategy is pretty opportunistic. But all the European market remains the main focus.

And a few questions about the person Grzegorz:

  • Your smartphone is HTC because it’s not an iPhone
  • You will never employ someone who is criticising its previous employer
  • Your business idol is my father who was a taxi driver
  • Your dream is absolutely total delegation of all responsibilities so that I have time to read books
  • The brand you admire the most is New Balance – no idea why it works as it works
  • Your next vacation goes to Italy

A few facts about SalesManago:

  • 400 million email addresses managed by our customers
  • 200 people employed, 200% revenue growth Y2Y
  • Approximate number of customers globally: 6000
  • Customers reside in this many countries: 45
  • Established in this year 2011
  • Best feature: real-time multichannel personalization, mobile marketing automation, dynamic website content
  • Number of nationalities on your team: 10

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