Video in email marketing – new effective trend

  • Video in email marketing – new effective trend

Using video in email marketing can increase results.

New technology allows your videos to play inside email promotions and email newsletters. Get the low down from one of the pioneers in videos in email marketing.

Using video in emails is expected to explode in the coming year. While a few are sceptical as to how exactly video embedded directly inside emails, it seems that most marketers are very keen on using videos in email marketing.

Raquel Almazán - Video in email marketing - new effective trend

Raquel Almazán, CMO of Viwomail, Madrid

We talked to Raquel Almazan. She is the CMO of Madrid-based Viwomail – one of the pioneers of video in email marketing.

Viwomail is an online platform that allows you to create video email marketing campaigns in which the video is automatically played when the recipient opens the email.

Raquel, what is new about videos in email, and how can email marketers benefit?

Before one of the only ways to send video via email was by including an image with a link to a video on a web page. The user had to click that image, then arrive at a web page where – most likely – the visitor had to click the play button to see the video.

The other option was to manually segment the database and send each individual user a video or GIF depending on the client’s email. Unfortunately, this turns into a disaster if the email account is configured on a device that does not allow video. In the worst case scenario, it may even show a black image that can lead clients to unsubscribe.

When a marketer uses Viwomail – the platform automatically detects the device, the email client, and OS (operating system) all in real time and sends the ideal video format. It has been proven to increase CTR up to 173% and conversion per campaign up to 50%.

How do videos in emails affect the conversion flow and does it help email marketers accomplish their objectives?

In conversion campaigns, the conversion rate can increase up to 50% per campaign, but various factors must be taken into account. Elements such as the quality of the database, the video being sent, the HTML template design, and of course the promotional offer used.

Video email also has other purposes; it’s a powerful tool for branding, it can reduce the number of order cancellations in transactional emails (for example, an order confirmation with instructions on how to use a product), and it is a tool for going viral on social networks. It is a powerful tool for almost all types of email marketing campaigns.

(see this video on how businesses can use transactional emails – also in transpromo)

What are best practices for video in email marketing – what does email marketers need to know in order to use videos in email marketing, email newsletters, and email campaigns?

And have you seen better results when email was opened and engaged with on mobile devices (smartphone and/or tablets) as compared to desktops?

It’s crucial to continue including text in your HTML templates. Many users assume that it is not necessary to include text if the email includes a video, but if the template does not include text it may end up in the Spam folder.

It’s also important to have a clear idea of the purpose of the campaign; for example, if it is a performance-based campaign there should be a CTA (Call to action) button just below or directly on the video.

CTA - Call to Action Button in Email Marketing

Additionally, email use on mobile devices and tablets is constantly increasing and now exceeds email openings on desktops. For this reason, the use of responsive design is critical to the success of the campaign.

Which percentage of ISP’s block videos in emails. Can you tell us more about how using videos in email affects the sender reputation?

There are no issues with blocked videos. And using video in email marketing does not affect the sender reputation. The reason is that – with our technology – the video is interpreted as an image. But it is, of course, important that email marketers follow best practices for email marketing, which in turn may result in a better sender reputation and – ultimately – improved deliverability.

Where do you expect the use of video in email marketing to be in 2020? Will this become the new standard? (especially considering the consistent increase of video consumption across all devices)

There is no doubt that video is the public’s preferred format. Because it can transmit a great deal of information and generate emotions in seconds. It will, therefore, continue to be standardised for email and different mediums that it wasn’t allowed on until now. Furthermore, marketing is becoming more and more personalised, both in videos and outside of them.

Learn more about Viwomail and using video in email marketing

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