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On Markedu’s LinkedIn page we publish marketing tips every day. Here are 7 of the best marketing tips from the past

Truth be told, most of the content on Markedu’s LinkedIn page never reach the eyeballs of the page followers. Some would say that this is a result of not having created a captive audience. We beg to differ. We believe it has to do with the overwhelming amount of content published every hour on LinkedIn. It has become really difficult to get traction on the LinkedIn platform. Unless, of course, posts are promoted with paid ads.

So, why not give you a chance to see some of the great marketing tips published on Markedu’s LinkedIn company page in the past. Here we go:

Marketing tip #1: How to Build an Audience-Aligned Social Marketing Strategy

How to Build an Audience-Aligned Social Marketing Strategy

Marketing tip #2: The Definite Guide to Instagram Analytics

Instagram pictures are cool. But if you do Instagram for business, you really should be paying more attention to your KPI’s. Using Instagram Analytics is one way to do that.

Marketing tip #3: Content marketing upskill: explore these successful blogging strategies

Bloggging can be an effective way to reach your target audience. But it is not as easy as 1-2-3. Lots of planning, content creation, audience mapping etc. goes into successful blogging. Not to mention SEO and promoting your blog.

Marketing tip #4: The need for digital know-how starts at the top

We hear it all the time at Markedu events. “Our top-management do not support our digital initiatives” or “Our company won’t invest in that”. Think about it.

Marketing tip #5: User experience is the most important metric you aren’t measuring

It hasn’t exactly gotten easier to plan, design and build a high performing website. The tendency is to focus (too much) on hardcore metrics such as visits, bounce rates, conversion rates and such. But there isn’t enough focus on the experience delivered. Interestingly, a better experience often leads to better KPI’s.

Marketing tip #6: The Five Deadly Sins of Copy Creativity by Andy Owen

Our dear friend and copywriter extraordinare Andy Owen spills the beans in this highly praised post. Most of us do not pay enough attention to the quality of our copy. But we should. Good-to-great copy can make a huge difference in terms of results.

Marketing tip #7:
5 Marketing Strategies From Major Brands: What You Can Learn From Their Mistakes and Successes

This article outlines failures and successes from major brands. Learn from them to avoid repeating these mistakes.

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