Marketing automation practitioner tips – Brian Coles

Marketing automation practitioner tips: Learn from Brian Coles  – he executed more than 3.000 marketing automation and email marketing campaigns.

In his current role as the global marketing automation manager, Brian Coles has executed more than 3.000 campaigns. Working for SimCorp – a global fintech corporation – the audiences are influencers and decisionmakers working inside financial services corporations around the globe.

Hailing from England originally, Brian has resided in Denmark for nearly 10 years.

What’s interesting about Brian’s background is that he came to work with marketing after years of being on the IT & database implementation side of things. As such he likely takes a different approach to marketing than your average MBA-marketer. Whatever it is, the approach he and the rest of the team at SimCorp have taken seems to work really well.

Watch the video where Markedu founder Michael Leander interviews Brian Colesz

Marketing automation practitioner tips summary

Enabling any organization of any size to improve marketing communication is one of the benefits of using marketing automation. As Brian mentions in the video above, proper implementation of a good marketing automation can help your organization accomplish more with fewer resources.

Defining customer personas and customer journeys seem to be an effective way of ensuring the best possible match between content and audience.

Marketing automation challenges – as seen from a practitioners point of view

Brian Coles mentions that one of the challenges is that marketers seem to think that buying a tool is it. But the tool is nothing without the proper strategy and implementation. Many businesses fail with marketing automation because of the absence of a fundamental understanding of what is required to succeed.

See what else Brian has to say about marketing automation challenges in the video above

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