See this now: How to set the right price with neuromarketing and neuropricing

Instant free access: How to set the right price? Using neuromarketing could be the answer.

What is the best price? Which price gets you the most revenue while producing maximum profits? That’s a good question. In this Markedu webinar, you will get some of the answers. And lots of ideas.

Matthis Wirth is a neuromarketing and neuro pricing expert and partner at Neuromarketing Labs shares some of his tremendous insight in this webinar.

How to set the right price – with many practical examples

In the webinar, Matthias Wirth shares many examples of how to test pricing. He also shares practical insight on pricing strategies in general.

Is a price written in a smaller font size perceived cheap? Are rounded numbers better than precise numbers? Watch the webinar to find out.

Researching how customers and prospects react to prices, packaging and displays, for example, turns out to be a highly effective method to improve your business. Researchers are now using advanced neuromarketing to help brands better understand what works.

How to set the right price webinar recording – play it now

The Starbucks-Study tested what price students were willing to pay

Once you have finished watching the webinar, you will want to know more about this topic. Check out this university-funded study on willingness to pay for a small cup of Starbucks Coffee.

You might also like to read Roger Dooley’s article “precise pricing pays off” here. Or have a look at this Markedu article entitled customer behavior predictions with neuromarketing

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