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Grow your career with innovative marketing education and training

As an innovative marketing training and education institute, Markedu aims to help individuals acquire new knowledge and skills to keep up the market demands and help businesses improve their ROMI – return on marketing investment.

Since 2009, more than 10.000 marketing and adverting professionals have attended one of our highly-rated events – and progressive organizations in 25 countries have benefited from our highly customized in-company training programs.

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More than 10.000 marketing and adverting professionals have attended one of our events.
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Organizations in more than 25 countries have benefited from our customized in-company training programs.
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Our events and training consistently meet and exceed attendees expectations with a overall rating 4.4 out of 5.

Why Markedu was founded – in the words of our founder

Michael Leander founder Markedu

Markedu founder Michael Leander speaking at an event

Markedu was founded with an aim to provide impactful innovative education and training. In short, our mantra was – and still is – to help people grow by providing high-quality, useful and actionable information.

As an international speaker, I had seen and heard enough “bla-bla” presentations at too many conferences and events. Often delivered by people who had very little practical experience. So-called experts who were loaded with hype and buzz.

Most of them focused on promoting the idea of using a certain channel. Very few of them able to relay information that could be put to use immediately. And nearly all suffering from the “shiny new object syndrome”. Add to that the many conference speakers who were selling from stage.

Our founding team and I knew there had to be a better way.

It was clear that Markedu had to focus on matching audience with the right level of content. And matching content with the right expert-speaker. Above all, we needed to find a way to transmit impactful and action-orientated knowledge to our community. Moreover, we knew we had to attract experts who were passionate about sharing their knowledge.

UPDATE: As of 2017 more than 500 attendees have shared very humbling testimonials. For that we are grateful.

Substance in Innovative Marketing Training

At the onset, we were adamant about delivering a different experience for our customers. One where people could rely on us to help them grow. And one that would allow us to cater to people anywhere in the world. Since then we’ve learned that there are three main ingredients required to deliver truly impactful marketing training and education. These are:

It pleases us to know that our average rating and recommendation rate is much higher than the industry standard. An indication of Markedu being on the right track.

Innovation in marketing training and education

Innovation in marketing training and education

We have pioneered many facets of modern marketing training and education. Our “@YourDesk” online events, our global Email Marketing Masterclass and insightful CMO Trends surveys are examples of innovative formats and initiatives.

In addition, initiatives such as our State of Email Marketing Report, which covers many countries, and our EDDM (European & Middle East Data-Driven Marketing Awards) are areas that provide a lot of value to our audiences.

See some of the services we offer here

In summary: today we are proud to say that we have engaged attendees from all corners of the world. And we are equally proud of our team of expert-speakers who have grown with us. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on helping people grow.

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