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Michael Leander

CEO and Founder
Vice Chancellor, Marketing Innovation Academy

As an award-winning professional speaker, Michael Leander was fed up with the shallow information offered by most events. So, he founded Markedu Innovative Marketing Education in 2009.

The purpose was and still is to help people grow by providing relevant and actionable education, information and inspiration.

Michael Leander has been a professional speaker and trainer for nearly 10 years. Prior to that, he held roles as CEO and CMO in industries such IT distribution, marketing tech software, publishing, e-commerce and advertising.

He is an accomplished expert marketer and influencer. With a solid background in direct marketing, general advertising, LRM and CRM, he is an accomplished data-driven marketing expert.

Hailing from Denmark, Michael Leander has shared his knowledge in over 50 countries on 6 continents. He is married to Viktoria. Together they have three children.

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João Ribeiro

CMO and Partner
Expert Trainer and Speaker

An expert marketer, speaker and trainer, João Ribeiro first joined Markedu in 2010. Since then he has been instrumental in planning and executing more than 100 Markedu events.

Hailing from Portugal, João Ribeiro is especially passionate about email marketing, marketing automation and conversion optimization.

Amongst his many accolades, João Ribeiro is recognized as the leading email marketing expert in Portugal. He has been instrumental in establishing Markedu Portugal as a point of reference for The State of Email Marketing in Portugal.

Prior to joining Markedu, João held positions as a marketing manager in the publishing and IT software industries. João Ribeiro is also a guest teacher at ISEG Lisbon University.

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Markedu Persia

Mohammas Sadegh Maleki - Markedu Persia

Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Maleki

Country Manager and Partner – Markedu Persia
Head of On-Demand Learning
Expert Trainer and Speaker

Mr. Maleki is an accomplished Iranian e-commerce and online marketing expert. He established the Iranian E-Commerce Consortium (E-Act), which has helped organize and grow e-commerce in Iran.

Having collaborated indirectly with Markedu since 2016, Mr. Maleki joined Markedu Persia full time in 2017. Apart from his role in helping Iranian marketers grow, Mr. Maleki is also responsible for Markedu’s On-Demand Learning Programs.

Mr. Maleki is one of the most experienced Iranians when it comes to e-commerce and internet marketing. He is very much in touch with the needs of the market and is passionate about helping people grow – both personally and professionally.