Testimonials about Markedu’s innovative marketing and branding events

Testimonials about Markedu’s innovative marketing and branding events2017-12-16T19:10:28+00:00

Hundreds of marketers from all over the world have endorsed Markedu. And we are really proud of that.

Here is what we hope will eventually become the longest list of testimonials & endorsements ever presented by a marketing training institute.

Facebook Marketing Webinar with Michael Leander (multiple dates)

Facebook Marketing Seminar was the best one I’ve attended with Markedu. The speakers were very knowledgeable and got a very good contact with the audience. I enjoyed the interactions (polls). I’ve already recommended it to my colleagues!
Barbara Garbacz, ZON TV Cabo, Portugal
This web-seminar was easy to understand and follow. The content very valuable and the presentation methods were very good both in rgd. of technical quality and the speaker’s competence. I will definitely recommend this seminar.
Britta Wulfekammer, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Sweden
The Markedu Web-Seminar gave great insights into Facebook marketing and helped me gain more knowledge about social media. Most of all, I appreciated that facts and information were delivered in an easy-to-understand way and yet informative. This was not my first web-seminar with Markedu and will surely not be the last.
Angelika Wegner, South Australian Tourism Commission, Germany
Markedu webinars always gives full value for my time – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Tina Jonasen, ThinkInNewAreas, Denmark
The web-seminar has taught me some new ways of thinking about how to handle social media and fans, in addition to confirming some of my already existing ideas about it and proving to me that I am more or less on the right track. Thank you for offering this service and facility.
Safa Al-Motasem, Tattlr, Egypt
Joining the webinar turned out to be a great idea. Michael Leander showed good communication skills to be the presenter.
Tamer Farouk Mohamed Gad, LG Electronics, Egypt