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Free email marketing webinar with B2B email marketing and marketing automation practitioner.

Most organizations are slowly murdering their email channel. It’s a slow, quiet death, but it’s happening everywhere. Join Brian Coles, email marketing and marketing automation trainer, speaker and general chief-question asker, to find out what you can do before it’s too late.

Attendees will get:

  1. Solid email marketing and marketing automation tips from the trenches. Brian Coles has executed more than 3.000 email campaigns.
  2. Ideas to revamp your email marketing to improve performance
  3. Practical insights and guidance on email journeys vs. email campaigns and much more.

The webinar is free to attend for qualified individuals.

About the speaker: Brian Coles – Marketing Automation Manager at SimCorp

Brian Coles - Marketing Automation Manager at SimCorp“Difficult will be done immediately, impossible takes a little more time”. It’s a mission statement stolen from the guys repairing roads in the Himalayas (the BRO). It’s authentic, ambitious and real and that’s very much what I am about after executing 1000’s of B2B email campaigns. I’m not interested in vendors spewing platitudes and headline-grabbing C level speak. I’m like you, on the road, laying the foundations, maturing organizations to bring email marketing the position it deserves. Certified by MECLABS institute, speaker and general nut job about all things b2b email marketing.

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