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Digital Marketing Learning Series – learn digital marketing fundamentals (live) on your computer or mobile device

The Digital Marketing Learning Series is a series of free and premium online classes. Register to get powerful information, inspiration and tools that will help you better understand the fundamentals of digital marketing.

You will learn from top international digital marketers. All have at least 10 years of experience – and all are super passionate about teaching practical tips and tools.

The Digital Marketing Learning Series Curriculum Includes:

  1. Branding in an online context – online branding fundamentals.
  2. Social media marketing principles for success.
  3. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube marketing for success hungry businesses.
  4. How to structure a great website and landing page.
  5. The things you must know to succeed in e-commerce.
  6. Email and mobile marketing – getting started.
  7. Content marketing and Search Engine Optimization – how to get started.

And many other digital marketing topics such as online reputation management, social listening, online advertising techniques, conversion rate optimization, etc.

Attend the Digital Marketing Series first session live on 31 May 2018

Note: Limited seats available for the first event in the series. It takes place Thursday 31st May 2018 at 08:00 AM (Lagos) 09:00 AM (Johannesburg, Kigali) 10:00 AM (Nairobi, Kampala, Dar es Salaam).

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