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The Executive Digital Business Transformation Workshop in Kigali is designed to help executives plan their digital transformation.

The rise of digital will most certainly impact your business. The question is not if, but when. This workshop is aimed at leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve. Attending the Executive Digital Business Transformation workshop will give you the insight, tools and strategies you need to craft a winning digital business transformation plan.

Future-proof your business with the right digital transformation plan

Digital Transformation RwandaYour customers now have access to more information than ever before. Customer switching costs are lower than ever, transparency drives buyer decisions, and as a result loyalty and preference can vanish in a split second.

To survive leaders and executives must keep pace. Smart executives are now focused on the business-critical tasks of driving enterprise-wide digital transformation. The goals are clear; update and improve operational excellence, deliver better customer experiences and be the change-maker and leaders of industry.

The Executive Digital Business Transformation workshop will give you action-oriented insight that will help you craft winning strategies. In turn, this will help you future-proof your business.

Key topics covered in the Kigali workshop

The executive workshop covers a host of topics relevant to digital business transformation including:

  • Your Digital Business Ecosystem explained – understand the main components of a high-performing digital business ecosystem.
  • Best in class strategies for driving your digital transformation – including a useful road-map
  • Customer connectivity and understanding new customer journeys – includes tools on how to align all aspects of your business to deliver the best possible customer experience
  • Channel agnosticism – how to evolve your business to become a true channel agnostic business equipped to handle all types of customers equally well irrespective of channel preferences
  • Business innovation – how to create a culture of innovation within your company. Successful digital business transformation requires a great deal of innovation. Learn how to lead your business to become a true innovator.

Speakers: International digital transformation expert with 20+ years of executive experience

The workshop facilitator is a highly accomplished business leader from Denmark:

  • Michael Leander – 21 years of digital business experience from all corners of the world. As a digital marketing and digital business expert, he has shared his knowledge in 51 countries on 6 continents.

Attendee profiles, dates and pricing

Attendees most likely to benefit from this workshop are CEO’s, Board members, CTO’s, CMO’s and leaders in private and government organizations.

The Executive Digital Business Transformation Workshop in Kigali takes place on 8th May 2018 from 9:00 – 16:30

Cost of attendance is $ 399 per person. Register before April 15th, 2018 for only $299. Prices exclude applicable VAT.

Please note that all registrations must be approved by the organizers

Contact and registration

If you want more information or wish to register, please contact hello@markedu.com