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The Future of Marketing Tools and Solutions is a Tehran marketing conference in Iran. Speakers include prominent Iranian academics and accomplished business people.

The marketing landscape in Iran is rapidly evolving. At this Tehran marketing conference, attendees will meet esteemed Iranian marketing lecturers including Dr. Ahmad Rousta, Dr. Esmaeilkhoo, and Dr. Yahya Alavi. Other speakers include Michael Leander and Mr. Maleki.

Michael Leander will be speaking on the global mega trends of marketing and how that directly affects brands in Iran. The conference is expected to attract hundreds of attendees from all industries.

Marketing conference helps navigate a challenging marketing environment in Iran

Says Michael Leander “Iran is happening place right now. E-commerce is booming, consumer behavior is changing, new opportunities have arisen recently, foreign brands are entering or re-entering Iran”.

The Future of Marketing in Tehran

In short, it is an increasingly challenging time for Iranian marketers. Having previously presented at various conferences in Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, I believe this Tehran marketing conference is highly interesting and relevant.

The content presented by esteemed Iranian scholars, researchers, lecturers and accomplished business people is going to be top-notch. Attending is going to ignite change, provide insight and provide a path forward for ambitious Iranian businesses.

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