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Marketing Automation Workshop in Sofia

Learn how to use social media and email marketing automation effectively. Join this practical and inspiring workshop in Sofia. 

Marketing automation is a powerful method to increase the impact of your marketing. This practical marketing automation workshop in Sofia will give you the skills you need to get results. The workshop covers practical tips and tools for successful automation of email communication, social media as well as text messaging and direct mail.

Quick facts

> 18 October from 09:30 to 16:00 at Holiday Inn Sofia
>> English is spoken, no interpretation
>> Instructor is Michael Leander
>> Course material and 1-hour followup webinar included
>> Save when you book and pay by 8 October

Organized in partnership with Bulgarian E-Commerce Association

Bulgarian Ecommerce Association

Who should attend?

This workshop is for beginners as well as experienced users of marketing automation. Professionals from both agencies and brands will benefit from attending.

In this practical workshop, you will learn

In this session, will learn how to identify marketing automation opportunities within your organization.
The focus will be on identifying opportunities able to deliver a positive marketing ROI or to solve specific sales- and marketing problems.

You will learn how to identify opportunities in these areas:
> email marketing and email newsletters
> social media scheduling and social media management inbound and outbound
> text and mobile messages
> direct mail and mobile apps

This session will enable you to quickly spot new opportunities. You will also get an understanding of the tools and data-integration required to execute on your plans.

Using scoring and/or grading is an effective method to segment your audiences.

In this session you will learn:
> what scoring and grading is and how it is applied
> how to get started with scoring and grading
> creating your own principles for scoring and/or grading

This part also includes an interactive exercise and one inspirational case study.

Marketing automation can drive tremendous value in relation to lead nurturing, purchase intent nurturing/nudging as well as onboarding of any kind. In this part we will cover:

> how to set up an effective nurturing program; do’s and don’ts
> how to create high performing onboarding programs for new email subscribers and new customers
> how to use nurturing to prevent or reactivate lapsed or lost customers and how to reignite interest or use of a given service or product

You will get practical inspiration and concrete tips on how to use marketing automation cross-channel.

This part will help you discover how to work with customer journey mapping. Using Michael Leander’s proprietary model, after this session, you will be able to:
> understand how you can map the customer journey
> how to align your communication based on Michael Leander’s RTCPC marketing automation approach (“right-time, right-content, right-place, right-channel”)
> how to put this into practice using a real-life case study

There will be rich opportunities to interact and discuss individually.

Social media automation and automatic scheduling might work for you. In this session, the following topics will be covered:

> Social media automation pros and cons: automating your social media posts is not a no-brainer. Some platforms penalize automated posts. You will learn about the pros and cons
> Best practices for social media automation
> Automating and reacting to social media listening: how it works and how to do it.

This part will predominantly focus on automation related to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube

Pricing and discounts

Book and pay before 8 October Book and pay after 8 October
1 attendee: € 139 / 269 leva 1 attendee: € 199 / 389 leva
2 attendees: € 119 / 233 leva each 2 attendees: € 179 / 349 leva each
3 attendees: € 109 / 213 leva each 3 attendees: € 169 / 329 leva each

All prices are based on online payment and exclude applicable VAT. Payment by local bank transfer  also possible.

Meet your trainer

Michael Leander - Speaker at Future of Email Marketing Conference Lisbon

Trainer Michael Leander

Marketing automation and digital marketing expert

Highly experienced expert

With over 15 years of marketing automation experience, Michael Leander has been named a top global  email marketing and marketing automation influencer by many independent sources.
He has trained marketers and marketing tech people in 51 countries on 6 continents.

Experience lots of interaction

Enjoy an engaging dialogue between you, attendees and the trainer

Get your questions answered

The workshop trainer aims at facilitating an open and inclusive dialogue. This will help all attendees get their current questions and issues addressed during the workshop

5-star venue and great food

The Marketing Automation Workshop in Sofia takes place at Holiday Inn Sofia. There you will enjoy modern facilities and a delicous lunch. Find directions to the venue here

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