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Neuromarketing: Understanding unconscious purchase decision with brain research.

This neuromarketing webinar takes place on 24 April 2018 at 09:30h WEST  / 10:30h CEST.

> Webinar Recording: click here to see the neuromarketing webinar recording for free (get instant access – no registration required)

How can an expensive price suddenly look cheap? Why do people buy from the competition? Which subconscious mechanisms lead to the purchase decision? When does the price attract the brain of the customer so that it urges him/her to buy?

Discussing topics like these, Matthias Wirth combines theory with practical experience and will show you during neuromarketing webinar how to evaluate the “perceived knowledge” and subjective judgements in relation to results from psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics.

Attend this neuromarketing webinar with Matthias Wirth to:

  1. Get a better understanding of why the traditional cost-plus pricing approach leaves many profits unexploited.
  2. Learn from NeuroPricing use-cases how to find out the real willingness to pay from your customers. Spoiler alert: just asking them doesn’t do the trick.
  3. Learn 6 pricing tactics from behavioral economics you can apply right away.

About the speaker: Matthias Wirth – Partner at The Neuromarketing Labs

Neuromarketing Webinar: How customers think about prices - Matthias WirthAfter stations in Canada and Hong Kong, the banker and economist have gained a broad and deep knowledge from countless customer projects and is able to transmit even the most complex connections for his audience in an understandable and entertaining way.

Matthias Wirth has more than 20 years of experience in the sectors marketing, distribution and business development. As former Marketing Manager of the largest German Telco and IT-provider and successful Interims Manager, he advises customers from the most varied industries at The Neuromarketing Labs.

This exclusive free neuromarketing webinar takes place on 24 April 2018.

The webinar takes place at 09:30 WEST (Lisbon, London) 10:30 CEST (Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen) 10:30 CAT (Kigali, Maputo) 11:30 EEST (Sofia, Bucharest, Kyiv) 11:30 EAT (Nairobi, Kampala, Johannesburg).

Watch the Webinar Recording

> Click here to see the neuromarketing webinar recording for free (get instant access – no registration required)

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About The Neuromarketing Labs: Founded in Germany in 2011 by experienced neuroscientists, the Neuromarketing Labs provides clients with innovative approaches to help them make marketing decisions based on valid, reliable and objective information on how their customers perceive advertising, product design, and prices. Go here to learn more The Neuromarketing Labs.